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Extend Windows XP Update for 5 years

With this small registry file you’re able to extend your Windows XP upgrade time to get updates till the year 2019.

This tricks Microsoft into thinking that you run a corporate XP that is intended for banking systems and
payment terminals, which get extended support and updates for another 5 years!

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Edit MSI Installers

Why do some applications and games insist on a predefined Windows version?
As time passes and no current games are worth to be played, i resort to playing some of my old games that
i loved for their good gameplay and not for their high end graphics, which current games seem to rely on.

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Creation of Windows Restorepoints made easy

Restorepoints saved my life on many occasions.
I installed a new driver, changed something in Windows and boom, Bluescreen and often Windows will not work correctly after a restart.
Thanks to Restorepoints, i was able to quickly restore my system to a previous, working state.

The problem is… the option to create these Restorepoints are burried deep inside the Control Panel and that is bad,
as you should do them really often.

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