Edit MSI Installers

Why do some applications and games insist on a predefined Windows version?
As time passes and no current games are worth to be played, i resort to playing some of my old games that
i loved for their good gameplay and not for their high end graphics, which current games seem to rely on.

But as many developers include a version check or any other nasty checks into their installer, im not allowed
to instal, nor play my old games on my new machine…

Well, there is a solution to this, a big solution called Orca and is made by Microsoft.

Orca is an powerful MSI Installer editor which lets you customize each part of the installation and
therefore also remove checks such as the one used to determine the Windows version!

Just start Orca, open the MSI Installation file and navigate to the “LaunchCondition” Table on the left side.
Then look for things that may stop you from installing, like the check for your Windows version.
In this example i needed to change “Installed OR (VersionNT >= 600)” into “True=True” or drop the row or if empty, drop the whole table.
Then click on the menu “File” and then “Save” and close Orca.
Now try if your Installer is working now.

Orca MSI Installer Editor
Download Orca MSI Installer Editor