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Delphi 11 Community Edition Released / Also C++ Builder 11 Community Edition

The free Delphi 11 Community Edition and also the C++ Builder 11 Community Edition have been released.
Finally the free CE editions catched up to the most recent version.

This is great news for all the Students, small Coding shops or Freelancers from around the world. It helps to get young people to learn Delphi and grow the Delphi community a lot.

Download it now:
Delphi 11 CE
C++ Builder 11 CE

If you got Questions, there is also a FAQ for the CE editions:

Or here is the online help with classes and functions:

Rufus 3.20 adds Local Account creation on Windows 11 installation

Rufus 3.20 adds Local Account creation on Windows 11 installation and much more.
Rufus is already known for letting users install Windows 11 without the TPM, SecureBoot and microsoft Account creation and just added a workaround to enable local accounts on the most recent Windows 11 build.

Here are the Changes of Version 3.20:
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Extend Windows XP Update for 5 years

With this small registry file you’re able to extend your Windows XP upgrade time to get updates till the year 2019.

This tricks Microsoft into thinking that you run a corporate XP that is intended for banking systems and
payment terminals, which get extended support and updates for another 5 years!

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Edit MSI Installers

Why do some applications and games insist on a predefined Windows version?
As time passes and no current games are worth to be played, i resort to playing some of my old games that
i loved for their good gameplay and not for their high end graphics, which current games seem to rely on.

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Windows Installer Fix

This tool was built to fix unsolvable windows installer errors.

Fixes most of the Windows Installer errors and even the ones introduced by Microsoft Office 2010.

It solves errors of Windows Installer in x64 / x32 (64 bit / 32 bit) mode.
Privilege errors (caused by broken registry privilege settings).
Corrupted Service errors (caused by bad registry service values) and so on…
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Uninstall Office 2013 or Office 365

If your Office 2013 and Office 365 breaks or starts to behave strangely,
the best way to fix it is normally uninstalling and reinstalling the whole

But every now and then, an app is messing around, not only with Office, but also
with the install/uninstall process.
If this ever happens, you could find yourself in a situation, where you neither
can uninstall, nor install Microsoft Office.
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