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How to make my PDF smaller for email.

Even in todays world, where email lost much of its former importance, it still is used for many things.

But what if you’re trying to send some PDF documents and letters and they get rejected, take forever to send or get stuck in the receivers mailbox just because it is so massively oversized?

Here are some scenarios that showcase some important problems people face on a daily base and how to get it done anyway:
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Edit MSI Installers

Why do some applications and games insist on a predefined Windows version?
As time passes and no current games are worth to be played, i resort to playing some of my old games that
i loved for their good gameplay and not for their high end graphics, which current games seem to rely on.

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Optimize your Windows

The system is constantly getting slower, Apps starting to need longer and longer to startup or perform their normal tasks.

We all asked ourselves what to do in this case… simply accept it and wait? Buy a new, faster Computer? No way!

Here is where App Optimizer, a free tool from aliensign Software becomes helpful.
This teeny utility scans the system for app-, driver- and system-databases, analyzes them and if needed, securely optimizes them for speed.
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