How to make my PDF smaller for email.

Even in todays world, where email lost much of its former importance, it still is used for many things.

But what if you’re trying to send some PDF documents and letters and they get rejected, take forever to send or get stuck in the receivers mailbox just because it is so massively oversized?

Here are some scenarios that showcase some important problems people face on a daily base and how to get it done anyway:

Jenny desperately needs a new job, but she strugles to find one, just because her CV and all job application documents never arrive at the desired company.
The reason for this? The PDF is so big. Jenny tries to print out some of her letters and send them via US-Postal system with added stamps. This is expensive if she applies to many open jobs and often her letters arrive too late (the job already was given away) or the employer didn’t accept printed letter applications.

Harry from a small painter company can’t pay his bills and will soon need to downsize, fire his workers and finally close down his company. Why you ask? Because he was slow in the move to the computer age. Today more and more proposals and offers get done online. He can’t apply to online jobs because he is unable to mail his offer PDF documents and bills to his subcongractors and potential customers. Again too big.

Lara is in charge of the it departement who has got the task from her CEO to switch from physical print based document storage to a more modern and widely used digital paperfree office. So how does she handle the massive datastorage requirement? Not only do these hundreds of thousands of PDF documents add up in storage requirement, but for security and reliability reasons, she is required to have multiple copies of each document on different disks in different locations. Not try to get your boss to sign this huge bill…

If only they all could get the size of their PDFs smaller without complicated solutions and without altering the perceptual optical perceived quality of the scanned letters…

Well, until now… Their solution lies in a newly released software called “Make PDF Smaller”. It is created by aliensign Software. This software offers easy 1 click size reduction and also some easy options for the mehr expirienced users to optimize the result even more.

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Make PDF Smaller Screenshot