Delphi 11 Community Edition Released / Also C++ Builder 11 Community Edition

The free Delphi 11 Community Edition and also the C++ Builder 11 Community Edition have been released.
Finally the free CE editions catched up to the most recent version.

This is great news for all the Students, small Coding shops or Freelancers from around the world. It helps to get young people to learn Delphi and grow the Delphi community a lot.

Download it now:
Delphi 11 CE
C++ Builder 11 CE

If you got Questions, there is also a FAQ for the CE editions:

Or here is the online help with classes and functions:

RadStudio 11 and Delphi 11 Beta codename Malawi

Embarcadero started the betatest of the next RadStudio 11 / Delphi 11 update patch codenamed Malawi.
If will include a lot of bugfixes and performance improvements but as it is “just” a 11.2.x update i wouldn’t expect any huge groundbreaking new features.
They might include some new functions, header files or some nice VCL or FireMonkey controls, but who knows.
Bugfixes and performance improvements are always welcome 🙂

Blog Entry for Malawi

Rufus 3.20 adds Local Account creation on Windows 11 installation

Rufus 3.20 adds Local Account creation on Windows 11 installation and much more.
Rufus is already known for letting users install Windows 11 without the TPM, SecureBoot and microsoft Account creation and just added a workaround to enable local accounts on the most recent Windows 11 build.

Here are the Changes of Version 3.20:
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Navigator and Bookmarks Plugins for Delphi 11 and RAD Studio 11 available!

Navigator and Bookmarks Plugins finally got released for Delphi 11 and RAD Studio 11.

Normally these 3 Plugins (including the Multithreaded Debugger) get released as soon as a new Delphi version becomes available.
Some internal Problems prevented Embarcadero and Parnassus from their usual release cycle and delayed it. Continue reading

Debugging Patch for Windows 11

Windows 11 causes freezes in RadStudio 11.1 and Delphi 11.1

Under certain circumstances, Delphi 11.1 freezes under Windows 11 while debugging.

This seems to be casued by a function called GetThreadWaitChain which seems to hang when there is a socket or IO open.

This new patch will hopefuly fix this issue.

Download it on your MyEmbarcadero page:

Or download it with GetIT from inside your IDE