Delphi 11 Alexandria Got released, with many changes!

Delphi 11 Alexandria is huge!

Embarcadero planned to release Delphi 10.5 but decided to switch to the 11 to match the Windows 11 version number, like they did back then with Windows 10.

Future wise it really is justified to increase the Major version Number instead of just a minor increase.

Check out the big list of changes below!

Here is the List of changes (It is really big!)

The RAD Studio 11.0 Alexandria release contains the following new and improved features:

New IDE Enhancements


The Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio IDE are now high-DPI enabled. Running with high DPI enabled is currently a runtime option. All windows in the IDE now support high DPI. This includes behavior such as changing scale when being dragged from one monitor to another. IDE functionality refers to:

  • The main window
  • All dockable windows, like the Object Inspector, Projects, Structure, Messages, etc. As well as all Object Inspector property editors.
  • All dialogs like New Items, IDE Options and Project Options, About, etc.
  • All content windows like the editor, form designers, history, etc.

The IDE styles (Light, Dark and Mountain Mist) have been updated to support high DPI as well.

High DPI for the VCL Form Designer

In RAD Studio 11.0, the VCL form designer can handle scaling three different ways. You can customize this inside Tools > Options > User Interface > Form Designer > High DPI. The options available are Automatic (Screen PPI), Low DPI (96 PPI) and User Editable when you can set a specific PPI value.

High DPI for the FMX Form Designer

The FireMonkey designer scales a form the same way a FMX form does at runtime. Coordinates remain the same (that is, a button placed at (20, 20) will be at (20, 20) no matter the high DPI scaling of the monitor the FMX designer is on.) It is a visual scaling only.

Welcome Page

A new VCL-based Welcome Page has been added to the IDE. It is designed to:

  • Have multiple frames, which can be added, removed, or their position and size rearranged as you wish
  • Scale well with high DPI
  • Use our own technology

Open Tools API Changes

All APIs that pass images, such as the splash screen services, about box, IDE Insight, and other areas have been updated to support high DPI images. This allows you to pass in multiple resolutions of the same icon, which are added to the internal image collection and used with a virtual image list. Although the methods take an array of any TGraphic, we recommend PNG images.

VCL Styles in the Designer

VCL controls can be optionally rendered using styles in the designer.

Warning: This feature is not enabled by default and can be turned on in the Tools Options dialog, User Interface > Form designer section. The option name is “Enable VCL Styles”.

The StyleName property editor reflects the available styles in the project, and renders a preview (how a button looks). Remember that if you select “Windows” it means platform styling and if you leave the property empty, it is going to use the parent control (or parent form) style.

Notice that the VCL form designer now has a custom Windows 10-style title bar and frame, rather than using the classic Windows frame. If no form style is set, it uses a Windows 10 style. If the form is set to use a VCL style, the frame reflects the selected style of the form.

Form Designing and Code Editing

In 10.4.2, the Design tab was disabled when a form was being designed in another window. Now, the tab is always enabled, but if it is being designed in another window a message is displayed; you can click a button to bring the designer to the current window.

Options Dialog Performance

The Options dialogs (both IDE and Project Options) should load in a fraction of the time of previous releases. In the past, all pages were loaded when the dialog opened; now, a page is loaded (and controls created) only when it needs to be shown.

Third party vendors should be aware of this change for impact on their settings frames.

FireMonkey Design Guidelines and Margins

The FireMonkey designer in version 11.0 is introducing guidelines and other features found in the VCL designer, with a different implementation. Components hints are displayed when you are moving or resizing them. Also, controls offer guidelines for alignment on the sides and display standard margins distance with a line across.

The form and component resize controls now have the same look and feel as the VCL form designer.

DelphiLSP for Visual Studio Code and Other Editors

In RAD Studio 11.0 DelphiLSP can be used with other editors. As part of this, we have created a Visual Studio Code extension using DelphiLSP.

To know more about this feature, see here.

Code Insight (DelphiLSP) Improvements


LSP in RAD Studio 11.0 focuses on quality and ensures it is a robust replacement for classic Code Insight. Key improvements include being able to parse units that have include files included in them; improvements around when the server is restarted; and improvements to the syntax elements the server understands.

Classic Code Completion Removed

Delphi classic code completion has been removed from the IDE. Only the LSP option is available for Delphi Code Insight.

Warning for Build Events

Build events can execute arbitrary commands on your system. It is common to get projects, which include build events, from third parties online. RAD Studio now warns when a project contains a build event in any configuration (including one you are not currently building.)

Warning: It is possible to mark a project as trusted, get a newer modified version and not be warned even if it contains a build event it did not before. This is a security mitigation intended to assist you, but must not be taken as fully preventative in all situations.

Other IDE Changes

The code editor now uses Consolas as the default font. A number of other common coding fonts, such as Fira Code, are installed with the IDE. Note that the editor does not support ligatures, but it does render high DPI text crisply using these new fonts. ‘View Messages’ has been restored to the editor context menu.

The Code Insight progress bar is hidden once work is completed.

Delphi ToolChain Improvements

New macOS ARM 64-bit Target Platform

RAD Studio 11.0 supports a new Delphi target platform, macOS ARM 64-bit, to natively target the new M1 Apple Silicon CPUs with macOS 11. You can use this platform to build native M1 applications (of course this requires M1 hardware to run). We keep our Intel 64-bit target support and the creation of Universal Binary applications including both ARM and Intel binaries in a single package.

Universal binaries

You can create a universal binary containing both Intel and ARM code. To do so, ensure the target platform is macOS ARM 64-bit. In the Project Options (ensuring macOS ARM 64-bit is the current target) navigate to Building > Delphi Compiler > Compiling > Other, and check ‘Generate macOS universal binary file (x86_64 + arm64)’. Make sure you deploy the application, you can find the universal binary file under the OSXARM64\Debug folder.

MacOS Deprecations

In the RAD Studio 11.0 release, Macapi.QTKit unit is deprecated on macOS/X64, and it’s removed from macOS/Arm64 library. We also removed the "Macapi.Quicktime" unit from the product for both the macOS/X64 and the Arm64 libraries.

Binary Literals and Digit Separator

The Delphi language in Olympus adds support for binary literals, in addition to decimal and hexadecimal ones. A binary literal uses the % symbol as a prefix (the same syntax used by other Pascal compilers):

  Four = %100;
  x: Integer;
  x := %1001001;

The language also introduces a digit separator that can be used to improve the readability of literal values with many digits. The separator is the underscore “_” and it is basically ignored when parsing and compiling the code. This is very similar to the feature introduced in C# 7.0.

  AMillion = 1_000_000;

Of course, you can use the digit separators for binary literals.

Inline assembler support for AVX instructions (AVX-512)

We have introduced support for asm code for newer sets of instructions, including AVX2 (ymm) and AVX512 (zmm).

Attention: You’d need an AVX-512 compatible CPU (like one of the recent INTEL CPUs) to test this feature. You can find more information at:

C++ ToolChain Improvements

New C++ Code Formatter

The code formatter technology used for C++ has been completely replaced. Code formatting now uses clang-format. The new formatter options for C++ are found in Language > C++ > Formatting. You can always format code manually, but you can also have the IDE automatically format your code when you save, or even as you type. These last two are controlled by the ‘Auto formatting’ setting. Set it to format on save, or format on newline.

The IDE will use format settings specified by a .clang-format file in the source folder, a common C++ project convention. If one is not found, it will use whatever format you choose in the Options dialog (above), where the default is the Embarcadero recommended formatting.

C++ / Delphi Compatibility

We now have C++-compatible RTTI available for Delphi types; you can use make_shared on a Delphi type, and there are type conversions to assist in using Delphi types in C++.

C++-compatible RTTI for Delphi types

In the past, C++ type information was not available for Delphi types; that is, accessing the result of typeid(delphi-type) where delphi-type is a type that comes from Pascal code, or is a Delphi-style class in C++, would result in an AV. Note that typeid returns a std::typeinfo for a type simply, or if it’s a polymorphic type for the most-derived type of that instance.

typeid() now returns a std::typeinfo, and C++-compatible RTTI is generated for Delphi types.

Using smart pointers with Delphi classes

You can now use both std::make_unique and std::make_shared on a Delphi-style class (one defined in Delphi, or in C++ but inherited from one defined in Delphi.)

Type conversions

The RTL now includes helper methods for type conversions between Delphi types and C++ (and Delphi) strings. This includes conversions from TDateTime to string types, as well as being able to easily convert (assign) from a C++ string to a Delphi string, and use std::string_view on a Delphi string. Type conversions to and from strings There are now to_string() and from_string() methods for many types to convert to and from strings (UnicodeString, WideString and AnsiString, including templated by codepage). These methods exist for the following types:

  • Currency
  • TDateTime
  • 32 and 64-bit signed and unsigned integer types
  • Floating point types (as Extended)
  • Variants


  • The Clang compiler now emits a warning when an interface does not derive from IUnknown.
  • You can now attach to a process using the C++ Win64 debugger.
  • An issue where batch compilation for a project ignored .c files has been resolved.

VCL and FireMonkey Changes

In RAD Studio 11.0 we have done a large collection of small improvements to the VCL library, focused on removing some remaining XP legacy and inconsistencies with Windows 10 and improving core library features.

TRichEdit Component updated to RichEdit 4.1 (MSFTEDIT.dll)

We updated the implementation of the VCL TRichEdit component to support a more recent version of the platform control. Additionally, TDBRichEdit.Lines is now a public property. RichEdit URL detection has new features like EnableURLs, ShowURLHint and SetSelTextToFriendlyURL.

Some changes were made to the RichEdit Text Attributes, it now has additional properties like BackColor, Disabled, Hidden, Link, Offset, RevAuthor and Subscript. TParaAttributes has also new types and a new property. Finally TCustomRichEdit now has a new public method.

VCL Modernization Work

New Default Font

For VCL applications, the default font is now Segoe UI 9. The title font of the VCL styles is getting adapted to the same default font.

Memo and RichEdit Margins

New property in TCustomMemo, published in TMemo, TDBMemo, TRichEdit, TDBRichEdit.

Radiogroup without frame

In TCustomGroupBox we have this public property published in TGroupBox, that contains ShowFrame, HeaderFont and DefaultHeaderFont.

DropDownWidth for TComboBox

There are two new properties in TCustomComboBox and descendants (public in the TCustomComboBox class, published in the TComboBox class) that are DropDownWidth and AutoDropDownWidth.

TTreeView support for CheckBoxes

Now TTreeView defines new properties that support CheckBoxes. You can read more about this here.

TWICImage multi frame support

TWICImage multi frame support, there are 2 new properties in type TWICImage defined as FrameCount and FrameIndex. These two properties together allow you to read all valid frames in a multi-frame image file.

New TLabelDBEdit component

There is now a data-aware version of the TLabeldEdit VCL control. To implement it, the hierarchy of the related controls has changed:

  • TCustomLabeledEdit
  • inherits from TCustomMaskEdit
  • new properties: Align, EditMask, etc. inherited from TCustomMaskEdit
  • TDBEdit
  • inherits from TCustomLabeledEdit
  • TDBLabeledEdit
  • new control that inherits from TDBEdit

Additionally, RAD Studio 11.0 adds support for the TLabeledEdit control in the TFlowPanel and TGridPanel containers.

Error Messages improvements

  • In case of an error creating a form from a stream, the error message now includes the form file name.
  • The Exception Dialog has an extra “Copy” button to copy the error message to the clipboard

Coolbar Chevron support

Coolbar has Chevron support via a new Boolean property ShowChevron.


The TNumberBox class introduced in 10.4.2 has a few additional features:

  • CurrencyFormat type is changed from Byte to TNumberBoxCurrencyFormat.
  • There is a new ValueCurrency property.
  • The DisplayFormat property is now published.

Threading safety improvement

In general, UI controls should be created in the main UI thread. If you create a VCL control in a background thread, the behavior is undefined and can lead to fairly obscure access violations.

For this reason, there is a new class property: TControl.RaiseOnNonMainThreadUsage

When this property is True, the VCL will raise an exception in case a TWinControl window handle is created in a thread that’s not the main thread. This prevents issues when this is done by accident. In COM scenarios and other cases, the creation of a handle in a secondary thread might be legitimate and so it remains allowed.

VCL converted to a regular unit

The include file has been converted to a regular unit, allowing developers (and component vendors) to better integrate their code with VCL styles support. The previous include file, in fact, defined private types generally impossible to modify and extend, unlike the new unit.

Attention: While we agreed to move the code to a unit, making some data types public and accessible, we reserve the right to make changes to this style API and cannot guarantee the same level of compatibility with external code that the VCL and RTL libraries generally provide.

Smaller Changes

  • Common dialogs how expose the properties EncodingIndex and ShowEncodingList (which controls whether the dropdown encoding list is enabled and therefore available for use)
  • OnTracking event for TTrackbar (triggered when the thumb position on a trackbar is changing).
  • Options to skip disabled in TPageControl.FindNextPage with an additional CheckTabEnabled parameter.
  • TButtonCategory has a VisibleGutter property.
  • TDateTimePicker and TRichEdit display properly when not enabled.
  • TScrollBox, in this release, automatically supports the mouse wheel -- notice this change might affect the behavior of existing applications in unwanted ways, as the new default is to activate mouse wheel scrolling for controls without the focus.
  • VCL function ScaleImage supports Alpha Channel.
  • TVirtualImageList.Images has a proper property setter.
  • TTreeNode offers support for nsDropHilited state.
  • Default form size is now bigger.
  • SetSelText and SetSelTextBuf offer the option not to reset the Undo buffer.
  • This is managed by a new property CanUndoSelText. It is False by default, which maintains backwards compatibility. If set to True it allows Undo to be called (or an Undo operation to be invoked with the UI) to undo a change made with calls to SetSelText or SetSelTextBuf or by assignments to the SelText property.
  • Some small TEdgeBrowser improvements.
  • TCustomTitleBarPanel now has TitleButtonClose, TitleButtonRestore, TitleButtonMin properties, and a OnUpdateTitlebarButtons event.
  • TDateTimePicker allows changing both date and time together in UI
  • A TPngImage object handles Assign to and from a TWICImage object
  • TWinControl now supports LockDrawing and UnlockDrawing, triggering the execution of the WM_SETREDRAW Windows message:
  • Method TWinControl.LockDrawing disables control updating
  • Method TWinControl.UnlockDrawing enables control updating
  • property TWinControl.IsDrawingLocked returns True if LockDrawing was called (and UnlockDrawing was not called)
  • property TWinControl.RedrawDisabled returns True when the Win32 control drawing is disabled


For FireMonkey we have focused on some core refactoring, with particular focus on desktop and Windows in particular. Now platform services for macOS and Windows refactored into separate units, extended IFMXMultiDisplayService and TDisplay, extracted all metrics related services into FMX.Platform.Metrics, constraints size for forms, and refactoring of:

  • IFMXSaveStateService
  • IFMXDeviceService
  • IFMXVirtualKeyboardService
  • IFMXTimerService
  • IFMXLoggingService
  • IFMXMenuService

TWebBrowser component for Windows extended with support for Chromium Edge via the platform WebView 2 component, similarly to the existing VCL TWebBrowser support. You can pick the browser engine using the new WindowsEngine property of TWebBrowser.

Google Play Billing Library Version 4

RAD Studio 11.0 offers support for the latest version of Google’s Billing API, an update that’s becoming mandatory later this year for Play Store apps (the final deadline is November ‘21). The new API is integrated seamlessly with the FMX library and your code should adapt easily to the new API.

Android 30 API support

Android API 30 support includes the following changes

  • Support to target Android API 30 (a Google Play Store requirement for 2021)
  • We also migrated from the old “Support Library” libraries to the new “AndroidX” libraries

Also, for Android, RAD Studio now supports the “multidex” feature (which allows your app to generate multiple “classes.dex” files) and uses the newer “D8” DEX compiler instead of the old “DX” one to compile Java bytecode into DEX one. The new releases include a different set of Java libraries and this makes old projects incompatible. When you open an Android project build with an older version of RAD Studio you need to:

  • Navigate to the Projects dockable window.
  • Select Android 32-bit or Android 64-bit as the active target platform.
  • Right-click on the Libraries node.
  • Click on the Revert System Files to Default menu item.

Additional Improvements

  • Firemonkey Accessibility Pack is now integrated in the core product (rather than being a separate download)
  • Improved Z-Order management for combinations of styles and platform controls
  • Removed old deprecated non-scoped enumerated values (that is the FMX Helper classes added to support deprecated enumerations in 2014)
  • Support for file upload in TWebBrowser on the Android platform

RTL and Data

There are many improvements in the core RAD Studio libraries. Here we are providing a summary of the key changes across RTL, FireDAC, HTTP and REST client libraries and more.

Platform Identifiers

RTL adds a new platform identifier, pidOSXArm64 for the macOS/Arm64 platform. The existing pidAndroid32Arm and pidAndroid64Arm identifiers are replaced by the new pidAndroidArm32 and pidAndroidArm64. Now, all platform related identifiers use the same format and order of the compilers: <Platform name> <Architecture name> <Bitness>

RTL: TZipFile

We have focused on ZIP files (that is, the TZipFile class of the RTL) quality, improvements, and optimizations. We added support for Zip64 and a method to remove a file in TZipFile. Also, TZipHeader has a GetFIleName method, TZipFile.IsValid() accepts a stream parameter and System.Zip works with files larger in size than 4 GB.

RTL large data structures improvements

We have made a few improvements in the use of proper data types for larger memory structures under 64-bit compilers. For example, TMemoryStream in 64-bit supports data structures larger than 2 GB. Related to this, we added the new method TThread.GetTickCount64 (while the existing TThread.GetTickCount, returning a 32-bit value, remains in the RTL for compatibility).

New Record Helpers

There is a new record helper for TDateTime, which includes a “UTC Now” function (not available in the original Date RTL), actually called NowUTC. This release also introduces a helper for the TCurrency data type in Delphi, TCurrencyHelper, similar to the TDoubleHelper.

Bluetooth and BLE Improvements

Improvements in this area include both classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE and most platforms, with particular focus on Windows 10 and Android (but also iOS and macOS). Improvements also include Beacons support.

Additional RTL Enhancements

Generic Collections Improvements

When using multiple generic types, some generic collections used to have TKey and TValue as symbolic names for the generic types. Now this is confusing as TValue is a specific type in the RTL. To avoid any confusion the symbolic names have been changed. There is no effect to existing code, as the symbolic names are replaced with concrete types when the generic types are instantiated. Additionally, there are few additional constructors for collection classes, that take as parameters an array of values, including:

procedure DoCheckStateChanged(Node: TTreeNode; CheckState: TNodeCheckState);
constructor TList<T>.Create(const Values: array of T);
constructor TDictionary<TKey, TValue>.Create(const AItems: array of TPair<TKey, TValue>);

The implementation of TDictionary Capacity, GrowThreshold and hashing has been improved, with a better balance of performance / memory usage / minimal collisions. The internal implementation class TListHelper has been removed in favor of using a strongly typed field TArray<T>, updating all related streaming and data mapping code.


Open array support to RTTI: allows invoking methods with an open array parameter via RTTI and also supports open array arguments in TVirtualMethodInterceptor. TValue adds specific support for TDateTime. Also, TValue and Variant type interchange has been improved.


Made the PPL Thread pool statistics easier to access, that means, TThreadPoolStats.Get method is now public


New TPointerStream class, allows reading and writing in-memory data using the TStream interface, by indicating a pointer location and a size. TStream.CopyFrom doesn’t require the size, which might be unknown. The method has also been optimized when Count is large (up to 400% improvement).

Dates to String Conversion

Dates to strings and reverse conversions have been improved. Worth to note, that now StrToDate strictly follows ‘to date’ format string, supports date formats with month and day names, and supports date formats with arbitrary text inside. Also improves TFormatSettings date/time related properties initialization and unifies the representation on all platforms.

Create a Interface Instance

There is a new System.Generics.Defaults._MakeInterfaceInstance that allows creating an interface instance, where all interface methods are represented by anonymous methods.


The new class System.TNoRefCountObject is a non-reference-counted IInterface implementation (replacing the old and oddly named TSingletonObject)

Optimizations and Other

  • Optimized _FinalizeRecord and _FinalizeArray
  • The legacy TDatamodule.OldCreateOrder property has been removed and always default to true. In case the property is present in a form description file, it is ignored (but won’t generate an error). The legacy property was used for compatibility with an older creation order logic, in the early versions of Delphi a long time ago.
  • Improved Pascal System.Pos
  • TArray<T>.BinarySearch optimization
  • Added overloads of TList<T>.Sort( ..., Index, Count )
  • Added System.IOUtils.TFile.Size
  • TObject performance fixes for ClassParent and InitInstance
  • Some improvements to System.IOUtils.TPath
  • RTL support for a system path longer than 260 chars, if supported by the operating system (like on recent versions of Windows)
  • Added class property TThread.OnSynchronize
  • The EInOutError and EInOutArgumentException messages now include the path and have a Path field.

Improved the performance of:

  • _UInt32ToHexString and _UInt64ToHexString
  • Parse and TryParse for TSingleHelper and TDoubleHelper

The TGUID data structure is now defined only in System.pas


  • Moved ParseJSONValue() from TJSONObject to TJSONValue
  • Added an overloaded TJSONObject.AddPair for an Integer

UTF8ToString Changes

The UTF8ToString overload that accepts an array of AnsiChar has been removed and UTF8ToString(array of Byte) deprecated. The removed function is: UTF8ToString(const S: _PAnsiChr.

Please see System.UTF8ToString for workarounds.


  • PostgreSQL driver supports PostgreSQL up to v 13, including support PostgreSQL Stored Procedures
  • Official support for Oracle 19c and for 128-character parameter names for Oracle Stored Procedures.
  • Extended TFDSortOption with soDigitsAsNumbers, matching the similar TCompareOption in System.SysUtils.
  • Firedac Monitor UI improvements.
  • Improved Firebird driver to look for the driver in VendorHome and not in the /bin subfolder (which was correct for older versions of Firebird)

Internet, HTTP and REST Client Libraries

  • Timeout mechanism for Backend and EMS client components:
  • The TEMSProvider, TKinveyProvider, TParseProvider classes have 2 new properties: ConnectTimeout and ReadTimeout
  • TEMSApi.TConnectionInfo, TParseApi.TConnectionInfo, TKinveyApi.TConnectionInfo: have variables ConnectTimeout and ReadTimeout
  • TDSRestConnection also surfaces ConnectionTimeOut
  • Added Windows support for HTTP / 2
  • New property THttpClient.ProtocolVersion
  • New property TNetHttpClient.ProtocolVersion
  • New TBase64URLEncoding encoding and TNetEncoding.Base64URL property
  • Switched from gethostbyname to getaddrinfo in the entire RTL, for all platforms.
  • New TCertificate.PublicKey, which contains public key modulus
  • ContentType now is of string type, not enum. This allows you to use any one content type string. Also, new CustomContentType in RestRequest
  • Support for TLS 1.3 in TNetHTTPClient for Windows
  • Multiple improvements to TSocket
  • A new component TRESTRequestDataSetAdapter simplifies uploading TDataSet (eg, TFDMemTable) data to a server via JSON. It is a companion for the TRESTResponseDataSetAdapter REST component on the server side.
  • The TRestClient component surfaces the SecureFailureReasons property of the underlying HTTPClient component
  • In the Vcl.Styles unit, the TCustomStyle class FCustomElements and FSource are now declared in the protected section.

Internet Server Technologies


ISAPI DLL threads have a configurable StackSize, using the variable Web.Win.ISAPIThreadPool.StackSize. Significantly improved WebBroker performance when sending/streaming files larger than 2 GB (MaxInt).

RAD Server

Multipart/form-data support for RAD Server


DataSnap: The REST URI is now configurable using a new mechanism, based on a TDSMethodMapEvent event

Installer Changes

RAD Studio 11.0 installer has several changes worth noticing:

  • The minimal installer has been updated to display properly on High DPI screens. The radio buttons and checkboxes should be properly visible.
  • The minimal installer offers a language selection option, rather than relying on the OS detection like in the past. This gives a smoother experience to anyone on a German, French, or Japanese version of Windows who wishes to install the English version of RAD Studio.
  • A new Catalog Repository folder selection for installation files allows you to keep the fairly large installation files in a custom location, other than under the public documents folder:
  • The installation is now faster. The download of complex features happens by downloading multiple files in parallel rather than in sequence. There is parallelism also between download and extraction of compressed files, while the installation of the features happens in sequence. The information displayed during the installation has been modified accordingly, and the odd “feature names” visible in 10.4.x have been removed and replaced by the number of the download file for each feature.

Go to the Delphi Product page.

Here is the Delphi 11 Alexandria Online Help

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Delphi 10.4.2 got released.

Embarcadero did it again. They released a rather small sounding point release 10.4.2 highly packed with lots of bugfixes and changes.
This Delphi and C++ Builder update fixed at least 626 publicly reported Bugs and still added lots of new features like two really nice components (TControlList and TNumberBox and a graphical Button TControlListButton that is used for the TControlList which uses Graphic components).

Download here (You need a valid License): 

And here are the changes:

Key Enhancements by product area in 10.4.2

Best-In-Class Windows Application Support

RAD Studio provides the best library for native Windows application development, the Visual Component Library. 10.4.2 builds on the new VCL features and components introduced in 10.4, 10.4.1, and introduces new VCL components, enhanced Windows store support, and more.

New VCL Native Windows Controls

New VCL TControlList Control

RAD Studio 10.4.2 introduces a new flexible and virtualized list control. This new VCL control, designed as a high-performance control for very long lists, provides a modern look and feel, complete with custom UI configuration options.

Similar to the ListView Item Designer for FireMonkey, the new VCL TControlList lets you design the layout of a listview item which is then replicated (virtually) for each of the items in your list. TControlList offers both single-column and multi-column layouts that developers can customize to their liking, and being totally virtual, the list can handle thousands and even millions of items, offering extremely fast scrolling. Besides calculating and displaying only the items that fit on the screen, the list caches the content of the items using in-memory bitmaps. This new control supports High-DPI options and VCL Styles and is fully LiveBindings enabled.

The control includes a wizard that can help developers get started with a number of predefined layouts, like the one below. Also included is a new TControlListButton component, designed to be used with TControlList, that consists of 3 styles - push button, tool button, and link - and is analogous to a TSpeedButton.

For more information see TControlList

New VCL TNumberBox Control

The new VCL TNumberBox control is a modern-looking numeric input control, similar to the Windows platform WinUI NumberBox control. The control supports the input of integer numbers, floating point numbers with a given set of decimal digits and proper formatting, and currency values.

While some third party controls with similar capabilities exist, the VCL only had a much more limited SpinEdit control, with an older UI and limited to integers.

The new control has a modern UI, supports VCL styling, is HighDPI-enabled, and has many additional properties to adjust visual style and behavior. The control offers extensive mouse and keyboard input options, all configurable, and it allows expressions input, so a user can type an expression (say 43*3) and see the result (129 in this case) displayed in the edit.

For more information see TNumberBox Control

Windows Store Packaging Made Easy

The RAD Studio 10.4.2 release introduces support for Microsoft’s newly recommended Windows application packaging format, MSIX, for Microsoft Store and Enterprise deployment.

The IDE integrated MSIX support in 10.4.2 replaces the existing APPX support, while offering similar project configuration options to make the transition process easy. MSIX support incorporates the technology previously known as Desktop Bridge, and it’s one of the pillars of Microsoft’s Project Reunion, which is redefining foundations of the Windows programming API model.

Delphi and C++Builder Windows developers, using either VCL or FireMonkey as their application framework of choice, can take advantage of this new feature. MSIX is the way forward to deploy Windows applications to Windows 10 devices via the Microsoft Store.

For more information see Windows MSIX

Konopka Components Improved Styles Support

Konopka Signature VCL Controls (KSVC) is a popular suite of over 200 Windows UI controls and designers for your Delphi and C++ Builder VCL applications. It is available as a free add-on for Update Subscription customers in GetIt. The VCL Styles architecture was significantly extended in 10.4 to support High-DPI graphics and 4K monitors. 10.4.2 includes numerous enhancements and updates to the KSVC library for better integration with VCL styles.

The new version of KSVC is available as a free add-on for update subscription customers in the GetIt Package Manager from the 10.4.2 IDE.

New TEdgeBrowser Extensions

The TEdgeBrowser VCL component introduced in 10.4 (a wrapper around the Windows 10 Chromium-based Edge WebView2 control) has been updated with support for the GA version of Microsoft's WebView2 control and its SDK. Besides better compatibility, the component now offers enhanced support for files cache management and the use of custom WebView2 versions.

See TEdgeBrowser for more info

New Developer Productivity and User Experience Features for Faster Onboarding and Application Development

RAD Studio 10.4.2 includes new tooling to help both new and seasoned application developers build stunning apps quickly, enhanced migration tooling for fast product version upgrades, and a new silent installer for automating the installation of RAD Studio.

As part of an effort to simplify the onboarding process for new developers and highlight new GetIt packages and additional features that can be installed into RAD Studio over time, we have added a new section with featured GetIt packages to the IDE Welcome page. GetIt packages can be quickly installed into the IDE and sample projects are automatically opened after the package has been installed, providing a quick starting point for new and experienced developers alike.

IDE App Wizards - Low Code App Wizards[1]

As part of Embarcadero’s initiative of opening up the IDE more with expanded ToolsAPI support targeted for the future, 10.4.2 includes new application wizards for FireMonkey. These wizards, installable via GetIt, allow RAD Studio developers to quickly build an application from scratch, by specifying a number of parameters through a wizard interface. This includes the ability to select from numerous pre-built forms, representative of the key screens found in most applications today, define basic form interaction logic, select application theming, connect to numerous databases, and more, all without writing a single line of code, but fully customizable by writing Delphi or C++ code. By providing ready-to-use wizards, teams can greatly reduce the onboarding time for new RAD Studio developers on their team, and seasoned VCL & FMX developers can leverage them for a more efficient way to create stunning user interfaces that adhere to today's UI guidelines.

  1. Jump up Expected to be delivered in GetIt shortly after 10.4.2 release.

IDE Improvements

The RAD Studio IDE provides many developer productivity-focused enhancements in 10.4.2. As part of the enhancements, we have focused on IDE responsiveness. This includes a new progress dialog that shows what the IDE is doing during a lengthy operation, such as opening a large project group. We have updated the library path management and added the ability to convert paths to and from absolute paths to using environment variables in the path, making it easier to configure a project or the IDE in an installation- or source code location-agnostic manner. This is also useful for those managing a complex layout for large applications with many third-party components, as well as for those configuring projects that will be upgraded to a newer IDE version in the future.

In 10.4.2 developers can also work in the form designer while at the same time editing the underlying code of the same unit in a separate edit window, possibly displayed on a secondary monitor.

There is also a new style called Mountain Mist, echoing classic IDE colors.

There are also improvements when accessing RAD Studio over Remote Desktop, useful for those working from home; improvements to adding platforms to projects; and the ability to detect a unit with mixed line endings and to canonicalize those to CRLF.

Finally, you can now press F1 in the Messages pane to open help for a compiler message or compiler error.

Code Insight (LSP) improvements

RAD Studio Language Server Protocol (LSP) support, introduced in 10.4 for Delphi and in the 10.3.x versions for C++, has been significantly expanded in this release, offering better, faster, and more reliable Code Insight, including Code Completion, Parameters Completion, symbol information, and much more.

Compared to the previous versions, in 10.4.2 LSP adds many new features for Error Insight for Delphi: the editor now shows colored underlines for hints and warnings as well as errors, meaning you can see potential important issues in the code editor; a summary of the error, warning and hint status for the current file in the editor status bar; indicators for errors, warnings, and hints in the editor gutter making it easier to spot issues when scrolling your code; and several new ways to highlight the code for an issue, making it easier to see the code in question.

There are also significant improvements to code completion in the unit clause; the Projects view shows the current status of the LSP server, allowing you to see when it is parsing and when it is ready; improvements to parameter completion including showing XMLDoc; improvements to ctrl-click navigation’s understanding of the code, including being able to ctrl-click on the ‘inherited’ keyword, allowing much more robust and featureful navigation; and some other editor features, such as ctrl-shift-up/down to move between method declaration and implementation, have had their implementation moved to the LSP server. There are also improvements for generic methods and classes, to tooltip insight, better support for using Code Insight with packages or in code that uses packages, and more.

For C++, code completion interaction has been significantly revised. Several important quality improvements have been implemented, addressing issues like international characters, indexing, and more, providing robust code completion in well-configured C++ projects.

Enhanced Migration Tool

The Migration Tool that helps copy the IDE configuration across versions, updates, and installation has been significantly updated.

Once you select the type of migration (from version to version, to file, etc.) the tool provides an extended list of settings and 3 preset configurations to choose from. It also allows developers to include additional configuration files such as FireDAC, Desktop, Platforms, and Formatters configuration files, significantly speeding up the process of updating from version to version.

Silent Installation

RAD Studio 10.4.2 supports silent, automated installations of Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio with no UI interaction, providing a fast and efficient installation option for individual developers, large development team deployments and IT professionals.

Silent installation can be activated by passing additional, optional command line parameters to the Setup program. The silent installer allows developers to install the core IDE and any of the platforms and features available for their edition. For more information see Silent Installer

Expanded FireMonkey Platforms Support

RAD Studio 10.4.2 includes support for the latest Apple OS and Android OS versions (platform support varies by product).

Enhanced Apple OS Platforms Support

iOS 14 Support (Delphi and C++)

RAD Studio 10.4.2 provides support for building iOS 14 App Store ready applications, targeting the iOS 14 SDK, and debugging on iOS 14 devices. Developers can also target ad hoc distribution for deployment within their enterprise.

macOS 11 Intel Support (Delphi)

Delphi developers can target macOS 11 Big Sur with Intel-based applications using the FireMonkey framework. Also included is support for a new 2x image in the default ICNS file. Delphi developers can build macOS 64-bit applications for the macOS App Store, or for distributing their macOS apps locally or through their own website.

Android 11 Support (Delphi)

Delphi 10.4.2 includes support for deploying and debugging on version 11 of Android and significant improvements for deployment to the App Bundle format, required by Google's Play Store along with the 64-bit app support.

Key New Delphi Features

Compiler Performance Improvements

We have significantly enhanced the Delphi Compiler performance, by implementing over 35 different compiler optimizations. While the effect on the compilation time varies depending on the customer code base, we have seen reports indicating a very large improvement, with compilation time reduced to a fraction of what was in previous 10.4 releases. This is especially beneficial for customers with large applications.

Code Insight Enhancements

Delphi’s new CodeInsight support based on the LSP technology has been largely expanded in 10.4.2 as covered in the previous section on developer productivity enhancements.

Key C++ Builder Features

C++Builder’s code completion has been significantly revised to allow robust code completion for a well-configured project. In addition, a new approach to handling debug information when linking drastically reduces both the memory usage required for the 64-bit Windows linker, as well as the output size of your application. Finally, exception handling is improved, and the STL updated, providing excellent application behaviour.

Reducing Linker Strain through Split Dwarf

C++Builder 10.4.2 introduces a significant improvement addressing memory usage in the Win64 linker.

The C++ Win64 toolchain uses the ELF64 object file format, and Dwarf v4 debug file format. Debug information can often be very large, and is linked in to the resulting binary by the linker, often causing memory strain for ilink64. In 10.4.2, C++Builder includes a new technology to greatly reduce the amount of data the linker needs to process. It does this by splitting the debug information to separate files; the linker then only links executable code and a small amount of other information. This is known as ‘split Dwarf’. The debug information is placed in .dwo files (dwarf object.)

Win32 Instruction Set

Clang-based bcc32c/x now defaults to 'pentium2' instead of 'i386' as the default target CPU. This gives some better code optimisations, but the main benefit is reduced register spilling in debug mode.

Exception Handling and RTL

10.4.2 sees a large overhaul of the exception handling system. Both within a module and cross-module (such as throwing an exception from a DLL to an EXE), C++ language exceptions, SEH, and OS exceptions have been overhauled. This should assist you throughout your applications, as well as in unusual cases like some Windows APIs that raise exceptions.

The RTL also includes the latest version of the Dinkumware STL.


Several more key open-source C++ libraries will be made available in GetIt. Not only is this beneficial for you in making those powerful libraries easy to integrate in your own applications, but it demonstrates the compatibility modern versions of C++Builder bring to common C++ code.

Additional Enhancements

We have also put a significant effort into enhancing and improving the quality of several product areas, including in particular:

  • The integration with SOAP web services many business applications need to interact with, improving the WSDL import tool and the SOAP client invocations.
  • The Parallel Programming Library, which is part of the RAD Studio RTL, and offers a modern style for writing multi-threaded applications that can advantage of modern multi-core CPUs.
  • Display of information for generic collection objects in the debugger, with the introduction of a new specific debug visualizer.
  • Database and remote data access technologies have also seen a few improvements for FireDAC InterBase, SQLite, PostgresSQL, and Oracle integrated drivers, the REST Client Library, AWS, and Azure support.

As part of our continued focus on quality, performance, and stability we also fixed a large number of internally found issues and over 600 customer issues reported by customers in Quality Portal.

Here is the Patches list:

Publicly reported bugs fixed in 10.4.2

RAD Studio 10.4.2 Sydney release includes over 600 quality and performance enhancements for publicly reported bugs.

Regression from 10.3.0 - The help file is missing in the GetIt Package of CodeSite Express.3rd PartyRSP-23759
WSDL importer - WSDL interpretation problem.Command Line Tools, IDE, SOAPRSP-24646
std::function is moved to the loop variable from vector instead of being copiedCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-26592
Lockbox Compile-ErrorCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-20335
Clang - Debug-Stop on Exception throw not workingCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-18353
c++ program does not catch exceptionsCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-20067
Compiler optimizer removes lines of codeCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-31883
[bcc32c Error]... ICE: Internal compiler error: 0 @ 00000000Compiler, Compiler\C++RSP-25971
Code Insight does not work at all under some conditions (international characters in path?)Compiler, Compiler\C++RSP-25949
Unexpected compiler error [calling convention attribute on destructor]Compiler, Compiler\C++RSP-23671
Distributed CMake breaks bcc32Compiler, Compiler\C++RSP-20998
weak_from_this not implementedCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-24524
[bcc32c][Regression]: fastcall ignored on constructor/destructor and error on ImplementationCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-30762
ICE:Internal compiler error: 0 @ 00000000Compiler, Compiler\C++RSP-29727
[Regression] fopen and fopen_s both fail in C++ Builder Win 64Compiler, Compiler\C++RSP-29427
ICE: Internal compiler error: 0 @ 00000000 cause by try catchCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-29717
The alignment for a long double in bcc32x/bcc32c is invalidCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-27955
Unable to create an import library when linking produces a DLL from an object fileCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-27903
Failure of standard exception with header file <exception>Compiler, Compiler\C++RSP-27900
unknown argument: -fno-standalone-debug provided when the option -flimit-debug-info is proviedCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-28635
Complier option -fpack-struct=1 not working for Clang compilerCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-27263
std::from_chars doesn't works with floating point numbersCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-27015
[cquery issue #1] "cannot initialize object parameter of type..." error in editorCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-26983
Code Insight not workingCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-27090
std::optional corrupts the std::shared_ptr located insideCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-27648
Property and method ipwipDaemon1Datain are not compalibleCompiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\BCC, Compiler\C++\BCC\Delphi interop, IDERSP-30826
std::thread::hardware_concurrency() returns 0Compiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANGRSP-19821
IIS Datasnap - Access violation on try catch block with Exception key wordCompiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANGRSP-20416
Internal compiler error when dynamic_casting to a non PACKAGE derived type in a package library.Compiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANG, Compiler\C++\CLANG\Delphi interopRSP-29974
Error "Property and method <MethodName> are not compatible" in Object InspectorCompiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANG, Compiler\C++\CLANG\Delphi interopRSP-29734
Add support for Xcode 12, macOS 11 Big Sur and iOS 14 when officially released by AppleCompiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\Delphi, FireMonkeyRSP-30806
[Clang/TwineCompile] some local variables not visible in the debuggerCompiler, Compiler\C++, DebuggerRSP-20054
code completion and smart pointersCompiler, Compiler\C++, IDERSP-27303
Project option "Run C++ compiler in a separate process" breaks CodeInsight/LSPCompiler, Compiler\C++, IDE\Code InsightRSP-31085
CLANG] std::bind requires move constructorCompiler, Compiler\C++, RTL\C++RSP-20209
[bcc32c] std::apply does not std::forward the tuple argument causing a compile time errorCompiler, Compiler\C++, RTL\C++RSP-30212
Win32 CLANG: std::exception handling vs "linked dynamic RTLCompiler, Compiler\C++, RTL\C++RSP-28983
AV at program end after usage of stringstream in dll or bplCompiler, Compiler\C++, RTL\DelphiRSP-21410
Compiler failedCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-30085
Error during ide session if many nestes for are presentCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-31032
Compiler generates disadvantageous code for try/finallyCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-27375
Building/Compiling becomes progressively slower until restartCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-2107
LSP + Generics / "Find Reference" not working as expectedCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-4329
Field not listed in CodeCompletion popupCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-4391
Build a project is very slow without IDE Fix PackCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-4141
Out of memory on circular referenceCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-3992
Incorrect lifetime of variables in a nested blockCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-26471
Passing record to external function does not free the recordCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-32048
[REGRESSION] Changed handling of unused function results causes very bad codegenCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-31615
Unassigned function result and reraising an exception causes AVCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-31084
Massive memory leaks in local variablesCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-30215
F2063 Could not compile used unit 'Mitov.Types.pas'Compiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-30214
[REGRESSION] Wrong codegen for object layout with forward declarationCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-30890
(Regression) Compiler generates incorrect field addresses for derived classes when alignment is offCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-30787
No Warning Message when you Publish 64bit Android App on a 32Bit OS AndroidCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-31676
MacOS64: Raising an exception causes application and PAServer to crashCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-31667
DCC generates invalid ASM code - app hangsCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-30923
Delphi 10.4.1 is stil 3 to 4 times as slow as 10.3 with the IDE Fix packCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-30910
Memory leak: inline Interfaces captured by anonymous methods are not releasedCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-29564
Inner exceptions leak with Delphi/LLVM compilersCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-27592
Catastrophic FailureCompiler, Compiler\Delphi, Data, RTL\DelphiRSP-29672
Delphi gets stuck on "Installing apk"Compiler, Compiler\Delphi, FireMonkeyRSP-27424
Android app compiled on Delphi 10.4.1, does not work on Google Pixel with Android 11.Compiler, Compiler\Delphi, FireMonkeyRSP-31398
Android App closes/crashes if an exception is raised on TListView:OnItemClickEx-eventCompiler, Compiler\Delphi, FireMonkeyRSP-16639
Various Getit Downloads Fail to install due to identical source errorsCompiler\Delphi, VCLRSP-32055
TAmazonStorageService should be able to change Content-Type header in AWSData, Data\CloudRSP-30004
TAzureBlobService.ListBlobs not returning correct data for 2nd and subsequent blobsData, Data\CloudRSP-19261
TAzureBlobService.ListBlobs with empty prefix and delimiter as "/" not returns root foldersData, Data\CloudRSP-21241
When a SOAP request fails no DOM parsing exception should be raisedData, Data\CloudRSP-31958
Access S3 compatible service like minio with TAmazonStorageServiceData, Data\CloudRSP-32207
TAmazonConnectionInfo.AutoDetectBucketRegion unusable in multihtreaded applicationsData, Data\CloudRSP-31164
HTTP Requests failing when using authentication (Scenario: Datasnap server; Android and Windows clients)Data, Data\DataSnapRSB-4407
DataSnap Callback - FreezeData, Data\DataSnapRSP-15856
TMonitor.Enter sometimes hangs (INFINITE) and never returnsData, Data\DataSnapRSP-18254
Multiple bugsData, Data\DataSnapRSP-30808
Delphi REST Datasnap Project critical issue in 10.4.1Data, Data\DataSnapRSP-30782
TDSRESTConnection won't allow me change the username and password after the first connect on iOS application.Data, Data\DataSnapRSP-30956
Datasnap - Linker errors when using TFDGUIxWaitCursor componentData, Data\DataSnap, Data\FireDACRSB-2138
Heavyweight Callback not working in WebBroker ApplicationData, Data\DataSnap, RTL\DelphiRSP-20702
DBComboBox no longer works in DBCtrlGridData, Data\DBCtrlsRSP-13105
TDBCheckBox triggers OnClick while scrolling through the datasetData, Data\DBCtrlsRSP-31489
TDBLookupComboBox erratic behaviorData, Data\DBCtrlsRSP-31478
Grid index out of range in TDBGridData, Data\DBCtrlsRSP-31920
FireDac Lookup Field Fails Due to Case Sensitive ComparisionData, Data\DBRtlRSP-31256
W10 Delphi 10.4.1 TSQLConnection (dbexpress) doesn't load parameters on connectData, Data\DBXRSP-31819
W10 Delphi 10.3.3 TSQLConnection (dbexpress) does not load parameters on connectData, Data\DBXRSP-31915
Error on ConnectionName selection in TSQLConnectionData, Data\DBXRSP-29199
TFDMemTable delete a record containing NestedDataSet with ChildDefsData, Data\FireDACRSP-32072
LocalSQL query to an FDMemTable multiplies records in the returned datasetData, Data\FireDACRSP-32025
firedac metadata bugData, Data\FireDACRSP-31927
FDMemtable Filter Error with Chinese Field NameData, Data\FireDACRSP-31451
Too small buffer in TIBStatement.GetSQLInfoStr (FireDAC.Phys.IBWrapper)Data, Data\FireDACRSP-31510
FireDAC TFDBatchMove CommitCount setting restricts the number of transferred recordsData, Data\FireDACRSP-31985
TFDTable doesn't respect SchemaName when posting dataData, Data\FireDACRSP-32217
TFDTable and TFDBatchMove not compatible with case-sensitive columns with Interbase 2020Data, Data\FireDACRSP-30218
[FireDAC] TFDDataSet.CanModify is true for readonly datasetsData, Data\FireDACRSP-30388
Wrong CharacterSet in FireDAC MySQL when connected by shared cliData, Data\FireDACRSP-30872
FireDAC CreateTable exception with ftWideString with OracleData, Data\FireDACRSP-30848
TFDQuery Master-Detail BROKENData, Data\FireDACRSP-30814
TFDEventAlerter doesn't work on Informix databasesData, Data\FireDACRSP-30452
Changing active index on TFDMemTable with active aggregates consumes memoryData, Data\FireDACRSP-30566
TFDEventAlerter with PostgreSQL. Application crash on TFDEventAlerter unregister.Data, Data\FireDACRSP-29678
Firedac TQuery does not accept [Sheet1$] as table name while it works in test of connection.Data, Data\FireDACRSP-28426
Firedac raises EConvertError exception when handling MySQL negative TIME valueData, Data\FireDACRSP-28142
data.bind.component bug ?Data, Data\LiveBindingsRSP-32114
Error when adding a field to TDataGeneratorAdapter while the LiveBinding Designer is openData, Data\LiveBindingsRSP-31580
TClientDataSet.ApplyUpdates() raises EDBClient error with "Mismatch in datapacket"Data, Data\MidasRSP-23382
[ClientDataSet] not able to load data from Stream using cds.LoadFromStream(TMemoryStream)Data, Data\MidasRSP-30490
Wrong Aggregate calculation when filter was apply to nested TClientDataSetData, Data\MidasRSP-30474
Rest Debugger eats part of the URLData, Data\RESTRSP-32179
Rest call fails on Sydney 10.4 and 10.4.1Data, Data\RESTRSP-32309
RestDebugger, regression of TRestResponseDataSetAsapter ?Data, Data\RESTRSP-32297
Rest Debugger has no version or about. Hard to precise the version in JIRAData, Data\RESTRSP-32180
Rest Debugger does not allow request body when using PATCHData, Data\RESTRSP-32075
Rest Components and RestDebugger issue in 10.4 NOT in 10.3Data, Data\RESTRSP-30431
Adding a "multipart/form-data" parameter to a TRESTRequest overrides the Content-Type of the whole HTTP-RequestData, Data\RESTRSP-29228
Data.FMTBcd.BcdToCurr fails under Sydney with garbage in unused part of TBCDData, RTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-32287
Getting Access violation error, while Logout from EMSInteralAPIData\MEAPRSP-28159
Getting Access violation error, while queryusers from EMSInteralAPIData\MEAPRSP-27693
Break Point ProblemDebuggerRSP-21846
Debugger off syncDebuggerRSP-20992
Debugger Crash while using TFileOpenDebuggerRSP-32214
AV in Local Variables windowDebuggerRSB-3020
bcc32c] can't evaluate size of vector with clang32 compiler - gets undefined symbolDebuggerRSP-14753
Watch variable shows address instead of valueDebuggerRSP-23543
Macros dont work in debugger settingsDebuggerRSP-23470
IDE freezes on Ctrl + F2DebuggerRSP-30728
C++ 64bit Debugger can no more jump to exception-throw-pointDebuggerRSP-30465
Debug kernel not respondingDebuggerRSP-29849
Debug Visualizer AV on too complicated expressionsDebuggerRSP-27753
Debug console in 64bitDebugger, IDERSP-31890
PAServer errorsFireMonkeyRSB-4353
Access violation with a Styles TDateTimeEditFireMonkeyRSP-18153
TEdit with ControlType = Platform bringtofront method does not workFireMonkeyRSP-13190
iOS-App crashes when Virtual Keyboard is on and when switching to another app which hides the keyboardFireMonkeyRSP-30002
Texture are lostFireMonkeyRSP-16121
Motion sensor does not work on Android 7FireMonkeyRSP-18644
TTrackBar does not track correctly when Tracking is falseFireMonkeyRSP-32116
ListView.OnItemClickEx.ItemIndex bug with non standard objectFireMonkeyRSP-31407
Caret (^) is not displayed in iOS.FireMonkeyRSP-31897
Confusing ifdef elseif android64FireMonkeyRSP-31617
TFlowLayout affected by children's Margins.TopFireMonkeyRSP-32321
Device refresh button in toolbar broken.FireMonkeyRSP-30800
errro msgsFireMonkeyRSP-31365
Default ICNS file must be upgraded [Mac Store]FireMonkeyRSP-30733
Firebase push notifications for iOSFireMonkeyRSP-25637
Modal Forms are not modal on macOSFireMonkeyRSB-2866
[FMX] TListBoxFireMonkeyRSB-4022
Typing after selecting a string then selected string will not be removed.(in OSX TEdit or TMemo)FireMonkeyRSB-3596
FMX TPopup actions not updatedFireMonkeyRSP-21495
(TTextLayout::ConvertToPath -> TPath::MakeScreenShot) Text drawing is distortedFireMonkeyRSP-19288
Windows can be trapped behind other windows when using showmodalFireMonkeyRSP-26434
FMX. Tstringgrid customeditor access violation on change valueFireMonkeyRSP-24257
Updating a filtered TListView is not workingFireMonkeyRSP-16186
TListView refresh issue in combination with TClientDatasetFireMonkeyRSP-25930
FlowLayout child components order is totally randomFireMonkeyRSP-32009
10.4.1 regression: tflowlayoutbreak doesn't work anymoreFireMonkeyRSP-31816
Access Violation during program finalization in FMX.Controls.TControl.AncestorParentChangedFireMonkeyRSP-32205
TListView with LiveBinding crash with Android11FireMonkeyRSP-31548
TCustomScrollBox.InternalAlign sometimes shows scrollbar due to Single calculationsFireMonkeyRSP-31976
D10.4.1 TDateEdit dialog for select date is different than previous version D10.3FireMonkeyRSP-31993
Livebinding Designer does not detect TListView change of ItemAppearance.ItemAppearanceFireMonkeyRSP-31578
FMX [ANDROID] FMXDefaultDialogFragment.onCreate App CrashFireMonkeyRSP-23962
ComboBox doesn't scroll to make the selected item visible.FireMonkeyRSP-18749
[Windows] FMX TEdit Component Error!!!FireMonkeyRSP-18276
Sensors do not work in androidFireMonkeyRSP-24713
IOS: Premium Style TSpeedButton With StyleLookup segmentedbuttonright Out Of AlignmentFireMonkeyRSP-20034
CheckColumn at most right sets to default widthFireMonkeyRSP-20878
OpenDialog causes Invalid Argument when used on modal dialog macOSFireMonkeyRSP-26517
FMX library/WIC is unable to open readonly or already opened imagesFireMonkeyRSP-14171
Project raised exception class EJNIException with message 'java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'boolean java.lang.String.contains(java.lang.CharSequence)' on a null object referenceFireMonkeyRSP-24695
CMD+Q invoke onFormCloseQuery two times on macOS 32/64FireMonkeyRSP-26004
Screen.displayCount=0 for Fire HD 10 (9.Gen)FireMonkeyRSP-26563
TCustomMultiResBitmap.ItemByScale is little slowFireMonkeyRSP-15542
Transfer of Cookies to TWebBrowserFireMonkeyRSP-22920
Can't run Firemonkey-App on Android 7.1.2FireMonkeyRSP-20273
You are not allowed to use location servicesFireMonkeyRSP-16406
Menu of MainMenu pops up sometimes on a wrong screenFireMonkeyRSP-21871
Atom leak in FMX.Platform.WinFireMonkeyRSP-16557
Date / Time Picker for iOS 14+ (14.4)FireMonkeyRSP-32342
Camera Component threading issue AndroidFireMonkeyRSP-31238
Native iOS TComboBox with 28+ items will crashFireMonkeyRSP-31235
Change to TControl.SetNewScene causes virtual call to destroyed objectFireMonkeyRSP-31202
[macOS][Metal]TMemo and wordwrapFireMonkeyRSP-31134
TGrid shows current time instead of the valueFireMonkeyRSP-31119
TListview crash on swipe to delete (iOS)FireMonkeyRSP-31111
CloseQuery causes exception in Firemonkey on styled formFireMonkeyRSP-31074
TBufferedLayout has small graphical issuesFireMonkeyRSP-31069
Incorrect TChart drawing on macOS Big SurFireMonkeyRSP-30202
TListView - Missing OnChange when switching entries with mouse clickFireMonkeyRSP-30866
Adding text to TMemo with sLinebreak-signs crashed the MemoFireMonkeyRSP-30846
Behaviour different to 10.3.3 and wrong for Inserting text in TMemoFireMonkeyRSP-30845
Duplicate resourceFireMonkeyRSP-30637
[iOS] TiOSGeocoder.GeocodeForwardHandler can cause a crashFireMonkeyRSP-30483
Empty app crashing on Android 10FireMonkeyRSP-30546
Delphi 10.4.1-FMX Combo-box and Combo-edit useless becouse of latency in drop-downFireMonkeyRSP-31383
TTextureStyle.MipMaps is de facto not supported on MetalFireMonkeyRSP-28576
Newly created TBItmap content in not zeroed on MetalFireMonkeyRSP-28895
Metal cause my ios apps to be jerky slow and flickerlFireMonkeyRSP-28340
TListBox selection bugFireMonkeyRSP-28235
LocationSensor is not useableFireMonkeyRSP-29859
No changing center point in Brush Gradient (at least in D2D version), its fixed.FireMonkeyRSP-29242
If TButton.Default=True, click is still executed even if it TButton.Enabled=FalseFireMonkeyRSP-29788
Circumflex ^ character in edit controls not visibleFireMonkeyRSP-30030
TabOrder property of TPanel not saved when part of TFrameFireMonkeyRSP-29989
Pressing Enter key in TComboEdit causes text to change unexpectedlyFireMonkeyRSP-29429
Firemonkey android form onclose no works with TCloseAction.caNoneFireMonkeyRSP-29529
iOS: Virtual Keyboard not switching mode when changing focus between text input controlsFireMonkeyRSP-30045
TMemo with Word Wrap displays Caret at start of memo in Android and iOSFireMonkeyRSP-29905
Raise Exception causes application shut down under MacOS BigSur Beta2FireMonkeyRSP-30000
Custom scheme URL not working on iOSFireMonkeyRSP-29996
Keyboard not showing on iOSFireMonkeyRSP-29573
(Metal) 3D forms don't render 3D controls unless there are also 2D controls on the form.FireMonkeyRSP-29537
TSpeedButton does not respond after interrupting the input of Japanese IME on iOSFireMonkeyRSP-28094
InputQuery window should be made wider to accomodate the captionFireMonkeyRSP-27778
TComboBox item selection by typing doesn't workFireMonkeyRSP-27970
MultiView Drawer mode doesn't work in push mode when changing orientationFireMonkeyRSP-27785
Pasting into a TEdit does not behave properly when maxlength is setFireMonkeyRSP-27894
TForm.activecontrol does not work?FireMonkeyRSP-27486
TCanvasD2D is not threadsafe when call DrawBitmapFireMonkeyRSP-27447
FMX.Graphics.TBitmap.Map with Write acess does not free underlying textures in TCanvasD2DFireMonkeyRSP-27273
Cannot set tab order of fields on an FMX form where fields are in a TLayoutFireMonkeyRSP-27086
FMX Form No FormMouseMove EventsFireMonkeyRSP-27065 always shows a TCheckBox as checked when style activatedFireMonkeyRSP-27351
TCameraComponent can capture up to 8 times fasterFireMonkey, FireMonkey\ComponentsRSP-10592
[FMX] TListViewItem.Index is not updated after inserting new itemsFireMonkey, FireMonkey\ComponentsRSP-15387
At design time, controls stored into a TGridPanelLayout are wrongly resized.FireMonkey, FireMonkey\ComponentsRSP-17073
[Android] OnKeyUp and OnCloseQuery handlers are called twice for Back button if Key parameter is not set to 0 in OnKeyUpFireMonkey, FireMonkey\RuntimeRSP-11815
FireUIAppPreview infos options must be upgrading for macOSFireMonkey, IDERSP-30504
Trying to add a OnClick handler to a TSpeedbutton crashedFireMonkey, IDERSB-3710
TGridPanelLayout added control jump to free cell when clicked.FireMonkey, IDERSP-27277
Improper installation of Radiant Shapes in Delphi 10.4FireMonkey, Install\GetItRSP-29544
IFuture in loop issueFireMonkey, RTLRSP-19425
Android App closes if an exception is raised on Timer:OnTimer-eventFireMonkey, RTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-16638
Konopka Readme.txt does not list 10.3 RioHelp and DocRSP-26007
Access Violation on the Project TreeViewIDERSB-3226
Visual glitch when closing IDEIDERSB-3813
Small realign issue on remote desktop - but stillIDERSB-2946
Tools/Options/Compiling layout issues in dark modeIDERSB-2725
Test case: Unable to rename 'xxx.$$$' to 'xxx.pasIDERSB-4267
"_TCHAR maps to" option shouldn't be empty ( it should have default Unicode etc...)IDERSB-4254
Component Structure incredibly slowIDERSP-21611
Empty areas of listboxes stay blackIDERSP-28432
Multiselect Projects gets slower and slowerIDERSP-28704
IDE opening links in webbrowserIDERSP-28252
Delphi 10.4 keeps crashing in debug mode when opening files in IDEIDERSP-29869
FireMonkey Form Blacked Out in IDE when Windows comes out of sleepIDERSP-29350
[DelphiLSP] Code insight still has problems in Delphi 10.4IDERSP-29225
Ctrl + espace : message error coreide270.bplIDERSP-30035
IDE Crashes on closing a modified file (IOTAEditWriter no longer valid when closing an Editor)IDERSP-29441
Right click context menu very slow to appear in code editor window when connected via a remote desktopIDERSP-29631
crash when close IDE 10.4IDERSP-29141
C++BUILDER - IDE toolbar locking feature NEEDED.IDERSP-28089
IDE takes several minutes to open with custom componentsIDERSP-27975
"disconnected session" exception when trying to debug codeIDERSP-27982
Errors when compiling linking deploying for AndroidIDERSP-27594
Deployment window target combo box loses the Build ConfigurationIDERSP-27327
Access violation when trying to copy an component Firemonkey.IDERSP-17777
IDE is slower than 10.2.x and lots of flickering, blurring going on when themes are enabledIDERSP-21722
Begin - end block auto completion keeps adding end's when enter is pressedIDERSP-32085
"Empty"/"Non" SDK selectableIDERSP-32123
Appearance Default Style combo does not show all selected options by defaultIDERSP-32007
Error Compiling/Building an Android-ProjektIDERSP-32102
Code Editor Status bar items are not aligned vertically (same way)IDERSP-31936
Help Insight search edit box and desktop layout combo are not properly aligned verticallyIDERSP-31934
Text in search edit boxes has incorrect vertical alignmentIDERSP-31940
TPanels changing layout size when I open the file.IDERSP-31460
IDE freezes for no apparent reasonIDERSP-31505
Delphi IDE Project Settings issueIDERSP-31632
Synchronization of method parameters failsIDERSP-31559
Debug Layout Not SavedIDERSP-18842
IDE crashes after several changes between themesIDERSP-19577
Strange Code Insight IssueIDERSP-21057
Project options: Column widths of property values are not savedIDERSP-32388
weird error in ideIDERSP-32136
IDE menus too small on high dpi monitorsIDERSP-31257
Multiple lines selected in editor + mouse wheel scroll = slowIDERSP-31239
Find in files does not work properlyIDERSP-31231
components move by clicking on it at design timeIDERSP-31185
Delphi crashed when running my program with the DebuggerIDERSP-30373
Design Editor for FMX Forms opens very slowlyIDERSP-30235
TFrame inserting problem not all frames are available to insertIDERSP-30266
[TwineCompile 5.2]: [Pascal Error] CodeGear.Cpp.Targets(2948, 5): „dcc” ending code 1.IDERSP-30882
Error when executing in debug modeIDERSP-30861
IDE crash during startup Socket error 10065IDERSP-30849
Startup error at any project, when additional editor (View menu -> New Edit Window) is opened and saved as Desktop LayoutIDERSP-30790
IDE buttons, checks and controls hiddenIDERSP-30100
Empty space for Toolbar on 4k displayIDERSP-30513
Unit files not sorted in project paneIDERSP-30499
IDE debug and object inspectorIDERSP-30772
The font zoom slider that should appear on the status bar of the code editor is not thereIDERSP-30763
Using Deleaker debuggin from IDEIDERSP-31763
A Component Name Allready Exists.IDERSP-31393
Unknow Reason close IDEIDERSP-30986
New LSP CodeInsight (Ctrl+Space) not displaying any resultsIDERSP-30951
Allow adding any new Platform for projects - regardless of existing platforms list in dprojIDERSB-1656
IDE Monitor position keeps changingIDERSP-12283
Some settings are missing when importing with "Migration Tool"IDERSP-20142
Add ability to ctrl-click on 'inherited', the way you can for identifiersIDERSP-10217
Load DesktopIDERSP-23918
[Migration Tool] "Environment Variables" not migratedIDERSP-17951
manage paths; add button "delete duplicate paths"IDERSP-17192
Absolute directories in Include doesn't transform to relatedIDERSP-23449
Provide function to change and fix line endings in source filesIDERSP-23151
Add ability in GetIt Package Manager dialog to turn it on and offIDERSP-32301
Add ability to specify xxxhdpi launcher icon for Android platformIDERSP-14625
[Migration Tools] Settings migration tool should preselect version if only one availableIDERSP-11389
Trunkated German text on SVN config pageIDERSB-1950
Tools/Options layout issuesIDERSB-2623
Project->Info: Wrong background colorIDERSB-2159
Stepping through debugger activates file modified iconIDERSB-3402
Tools/Options/[..]/"Connection profile manager" layout is too bigIDERSB-2630
QuickEdit outside the screenIDERSB-2046
Dark theme / white code editorIDERSB-2768
Various styling issues in sdk manager settings screenIDERSB-2903
"Remove from project" dialog incomplete dark mode support.IDERSB-2348
Scrollbar in setting dialog unthemedIDERSB-2362
Migration tool does not export/import platform SDK settingsIDERSB-3338
C++Builder package description can no longer be modifiedIDERSB-2432
Android SDK will not installIDERSB-2669
Web service wizard should check installed platformsIDERSB-2475
Cannot add platform (ie: Win64) to project created prior to installation of said platformIDERSB-1728
German text truncatedIDERSB-1961
German: Welcome dialog has truncated linkIDERSB-2812
Project options treeview selected item is invisibleIDERSB-2613
why scroll bars on the connection profile manager setup ?IDERSB-2732
strange layout height and scroll bar on the SDK Manager option boxIDERSB-2731
Screens with different resolution and scaling break context menu positioningIDERSB-3268
INTAIDEThemingServicesNotifier is not called when the editor theming is changed via the title bar menuIDERSB-2515
Empty context menu in Tools/Options -> device managerIDERSB-3032
[Migration Tool] Settings for DifferenceViewer and MergeViewer failedIDERSB-1605
Tools/Options/[..]/"recently used" has unnecessary vertical scrollbarIDERSB-2625
Tools/Options/[..]/deployment/Win32 has unnecesary vertical scrollbarIDERSB-2631
Tools/Options/[..]/"FireUI preview" has unnecessary vertical scrollbarIDERSB-2626
Tools/Options/[..]/HTML formatting page has unneeded vertical scrollbarIDERSB-2628
German: Text on button truncatedIDERSB-4281
Welcome popup checkbox text truncatedIDERSB-4278
Option dialogs combo boxes change value when accidentally mouse wheel scrolling over themIDERSB-4276
Not readable text in Search for unit windowIDERSB-4325
[Regression] Changing focus from tree to list in options panelIDERSB-4324
[DelphiLSP] Regression - Unit completion in uses clause does not work in console application projectsIDERSB-4321
VCL Style resets to Windows when editing project optionsIDERSB-4392
"paclient" exited with code 1.IDERSB-4409
In Denali sdk manipulation errorIDERSB-3955
Values of project-options are out of sightIDERSB-3671
Wrong appearance of the option dialogIDERSB-3502
[Help Insight] Resource string value is missingIDERSP-15805
[REGRESSION] Editor tab does not indicate units opened while debuggingIDERSP-24484
The project view is missing the resize headersIDERSP-21718
Android SDK setup automatically chooses very old build toolsIDERSP-21979
Ctrl+Click can not find the first unit in a uses listIDERSP-31529
C++ Class Explorer is not supported for the current Target PlatformIDERSP-31614
noexcept keyword doesn't highlight in the IDE's editorIDERSP-26156
tVirtualImageList on frame - cannot link to image collectionIDERSP-23437
Code Completion not work with clangIDERSP-25520
COM items aren't in the right place in the File, New... dialogIDERSP-24185
Navigator Parser ErrorIDERSP-23933
Form popup menu "Add Control", instead add Button, add rzButton.IDERSP-23489
Code Insight is not workingIDERSP-25966
Help not found for F1 in message windowIDERSP-20701
Problems with Code Insight -> Code Completion ( Ctrl + Space )IDERSP-25601
IOTAModuleInfo.ModuleType returns omtForm for unitsIDERSP-20687
IOTAComponent.SetPropByName always sets an integer to zeroIDERSP-20895
error insight false positives: units that do not resolve but compileIDERSP-20986
Code completion for implementing an interface only shows one version of overloaded methodsIDERSP-24734
German texts truncatedIDERSP-21804
Access violation if you move the mouse while closing an editor tab (easily reproducible)IDERSP-23110
C++ Builder Code insight(intellisense) Doesn't Work (when keymapping changed)IDERSP-21747
Various errors when using Navigator IDE plugin with big sourcesIDERSP-24210
GetIt text truncatedIDERSP-24592
IDE Menus don't work on left monitor [high DPI, scaling?]IDERSP-14517
The IDE hangs after a reconnect when used via RDPIDERSP-31206
Saving config settings corrupts project .DPK fileIDERSP-30319
TwineCompile false issueIDERSP-31725
Pressing enter add a useless end;IDERSP-31136
Delphi LSP + Find Declaration on "Vcl.Imaging.pngimage" does not workIDERSP-31127
Error message from DelphiLsp: 413 Operation would blockIDERSP-31073
Text/Pixel fragments in dialogs using "grids" [Object Inspector controls]IDERSP-31037
LSP unit completion does not limit suggested unitsIDERSP-30632
Help insight displayed for the wrong overload of a methodIDERSP-30598
Environment block layout issueIDERSP-30729
[DelphiLSP] Code Completion auto selection does not respect "scope" priority in drop-downIDERSP-30195
XMLDOC improperly displaying parameter commentsIDERSP-30690
Cannot import OSX64 SDKIDERSP-30265
Code editor lists UTF32 as UCS-4IDERSP-30642
Can't find FireUI Preview app for Android on Google Play StoreIDERSP-30380
[CRLF issue] Changing Project Options can modify sometimes the Project sourceIDERSP-30715
Palette caption drawing issues when vertical flow layout setting is uncheckedIDERSP-30617
[DelphiLSP] Invoking code insight CTRL + SPACE in a TForm private / public section fails to show available methodsIDERSP-30668
Cannot move from the declaration section to the implementation section with Ctrl+clickIDERSP-30886
Options dialog painting artifactsIDERSP-30884
Wrong tab order in tools/optionsIDERSP-30879
Deployment Confirmation Dialog Infers Files will be DeletedIDERSP-30858
regression : Ctrl + Mouse Click doesn't work in many cases.IDERSP-30833
Project search paths that use BDSPROJECTDIR environment variable show as path not foundIDERSP-30832
Welcome dialog: Warnings for Git remains visible even after Git has been defined.IDERSP-30827
Project Options-Appearance-Default Style Always Resets to WindowsIDERSP-30824
GetIt personality/product icons are out of date (CX & DX)IDERSP-30133
DelphiLSP / ErrorInsight at 100% of one CPU Forever (Larger Project)IDERSP-30714
Bookmarks related crash after closing DUnit test runnerIDERSP-30648
Selected styles not listed in dropdownIDERSP-30779
Secondary edit window create AV when loading desktop layoutIDERSP-30778
BDS.exe is blocked for 3 minutesIDERSP-30619
IDE caption bar desktop menu not drawn correctlyIDERSP-30539
Interface/implementation switch errorIDERSP-31355
Palette is not positioning to saved desktop location after debuggingIDERSP-31316
XML documentation is generated in spite of the deactivated optionIDERSP-31298
[floating form designer] 10.4 Sydney IDE failIDERSP-31279
Method drop down arrow painted with incorrect themeIDERSP-31016
Parameters hint not appearIDERSP-30924
Dragging toolbars make icons disapearIDERSP-30905
Reopen Menu - Number of projectd - Number of filesIDERSP-28581
[LF in source] Package in a Group Project cannot be compiled after changing package descriptionIDERSP-28920
CodeInsight in Uses Clause doesn't find .pas files on Search path, only .dcuIDERSP-28417
CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW UP does not always jump between declaration and implementation section -- for TThread.ResumeIDERSP-28514
LSP shows incomplete list of available methods ('class procedure')IDERSP-28346
LSP ErrorInsight is not aware of unit aliasIDERSP-28384
Help Insight fails to show hint when hovering mouse over enumerationIDERSP-29918
[10.4 L10N ALL] When setting an editor theme, the color scheme is lostIDERSP-29070
Unable to read the list box header at OptionIDERSP-28480
Maximize IDE on a (bigger) second screen does not fill the whole screen and swaps the position of the ID when running F9IDERSP-28937
Go to declaration on RTL units only works when they are fully qualifiedIDERSP-28879
Code Insight unit name filtering brokenIDERSP-28899
Welcome dialog shows "Hg executable not found" even after one was selectedIDERSP-28438
Group text in project options unreadable in dark modeIDERSP-28390
the class key word before procedure lead to code completion Cannot displayIDERSP-29243
Code completion insert's a wrong "end"IDERSP-29264
ErrorInsight does not work at all in large projectIDERSP-30055
VersionInsight Git Commit screen unusable with Dark ThemeIDERSP-29512
[DelphiLSP] Ctrl+click to navigate to ancestor method does not workIDERSP-28584
Access violation on breakpointIDERSP-28394
[LSP] LSP server not responding. Sending restart.IDERSP-29911
Code Insight (Option Auto invoke) fail (LSP)IDERSP-29827
Win64 debugger shows ???IDERSP-29637
DelphiLsp.exe - ECreateProcessError + GetItIDERSP-29182
panel for speed change option in property editor is outside the screenIDERSP-29139
White area Add To-Do ItemIDERSP-29137
run IDE c++ 10.4 crash after migrate settingsIDERSP-29126
Access violation at address 7C7C4D50 in module 'IndexerService.dll'. Read of address 00000000.IDERSP-28682
"Find Declaration" won't work if inline vars are usedIDERSP-28892
Directories Dialog: Listbox uses wrong text color for selected itemIDERSP-28064
#13 alone make the breakpoint lostIDERSP-28156
Mouse Wheel does not work in Custom Style check list in Project Options DialogIDERSP-28024
Very difficult to see text, when dark themeIDERSP-26976
c++ CLang code completeIDERSP-26652
Migration Tool Does Not Import Closed ProjectIDERSP-27078
Context menu of Delphi is too smallIDERSP-27669
Android compile taking really long time.IDE, IDE\Build SystemRSP-26151
editor bugsIDE, IDE\Code EditorRSP-29930
Code insertion is messed up when using TTask [pressing Enter inside an anonymous method]IDE, IDE\Code EditorRSP-14879
Debugger breakpoint misalignment with inconsistent line endingsIDE, IDE\Code EditorRSP-20830
Auto completion fail and put code in the wrong place [CF/LF Related]IDE, IDE\Code EditorRSP-20047
event implementation placed in wrong placeIDE, IDE\Code EditorRSP-28454
Numerous issues with code insightIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-29392
Error Insight closes way to fastIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-29671
F2048 Bad Unit Format for System.dcuIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-29613
Crash on unit completionIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-31839
Hanging Environment 10.2 Tokyo on code completion usageIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-24025
Code Completion don't work in class functionIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-30238
Bad code detection is not working properlyIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-31388
Delphi LSP / Testproject to simulate blocking in large projectsIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSB-4401
[DelphiLSP] LSP Code completion fails in the interface part of TFormIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSB-3640
[DelphiLSP] Code completion stops working (inside {$IFDEF UNICODE} block)IDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-31486
[DelphiLSP / PasMgr] Inline variables break code navigationIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-24096
Code completion failure after Repeat ... until ; blockIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-31155
LSP Not WorkingIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-31043
Fail to load package with LIBSUFFIX AUTO (When there's no .dproj file)IDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-30820
Code insight does not work within a classIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-31318
IDE crash on Ctrl+Click LSP navigationIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-30947
Code Completion not workingIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-30896
"end of file." annoyingly insertedIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-28709
[LSP] Ctrl + Click on units in uses section only works for fully qualified unit namesIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-28494
[DelphiLSP - completing possible method overrides] Serious code completion issueIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-29334
Code location failed and Code hint missing [DelphiLSP, class method]IDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-30039
[DelphiLSP] CodeCompletion does not list all overloadsIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-29979
[LSP] Delphi reports F2040 Seek Error on '..\Dcp\XXX.dcp' at line X (X:Y)IDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-29722
Serveur LSP errorIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-29969
Migration Tool will prevent RAD Studio from functioning by corrupting IDE stateIDE, IDE\GeneralRSP-10294
C++ Android application with receive push notification enabled crashes at startIDE, IDE\GeneralRSP-26468
Changing resolution+DPI over Remote Desktop causes screen corruption, crashesIDE, IDE\GeneralRSP-12881
Installing Navigator in 10.4.1 corrupts Navigator in 10.3.3IDE, InstallRSP-30817
automatic upload PAServer on Linux fails from 19.0 to 20.0IDE, InstallRSP-26090
The GetIt server cannot be reached when installed with the offline installerIDE, InstallRSP-29072
WSDL Import Error with Nested xsd TypesIDE, SOAPRSP-23529
[DE] String truncationIDE, TranslationRSP-14870
Crash in TImageCollection when creating duplicate categoryIDE, VCLRSP-31557
Migration Tool Restore does not automatically scroll to last line & missing settingsInstallRSB-3423
Migration Tool Fails with Access DeniedInstallRSB-3343
Getit: Radiant shapes version 1.2 but it installs 1.4InstallRSP-32124
Bonus KSVC 6.2.3 was installed without RaizeComponentsVCL.a librariesInstallRSP-25723
GetItCmd.exe List command only lists local packagesInstall, Install\GetItRSP-31351
Missing German translations in platform managerInstall, TranslationRSB-1947
The TVirtualImageList component is missing vcl.virtualimagelist.obj fileLinkerRSP-29532
Programs which compiled and linked in 10.2 now generate an OMF link error in 10.3LinkerRSP-22890
ilink64 error "unresolved external" when using boost::threadLinkerRSP-26036
Linker error after new iOS 14.2 updateLinkerRSP-31746
IOS Linking : Failed to set locale to ??2I?LinkerRSP-30295
Updateing to iOS to 14.0LinkerRSP-31049
Object files and PATHS don't exist for some 3rd party GetIt packagesLinkerRSP-30135
Delphi forces wrong binary into APKLinkerRSP-27025
weak symbols not recognized in macos 11/iOS14 SDKPAServerRSP-31766
Linker error after Using iOS 14PAServerRSP-31014
[Regression] std::function is allways moved on copy assignmentRTL, RTL\C++RSB-3439
std::is_nothrow_constructible_v not defined for variadic argumentsRTL, RTL\C++RSP-31465
the " std::terminate()" method does not have the "[[noreturn]]" attributeRTL, RTL\C++RSP-31586
Some math functions are not included in librariesRTL, RTL\C++RSP-26199
Access violation after throw (after FP code)RTL, RTL\C++RSP-25906
std::map::operator[] not standard compliantRTL, RTL\C++RSP-24212
"Std :: initializer_list <>" bug for "std :: stuple"RTL, RTL\C++RSP-30863
<stdatomic.h> doesn't compile with bcc32c / bcc32xRTL, RTL\C++RSP-31694
bug std::promiseRTL, RTL\C++RSP-31740
The _dup2 function does not exist in io.hRTL, RTL\C++RSP-28015
std::future reports all exceptions as "unknown exception"RTL, RTL\C++RSP-27115
After upgrading to 10.3.3 std::map is required to be assignableRTL, RTL\C++RSP-27095
[C++][CLANG][EH] std::current_exception() always returns null. Causes exception propagation to lose type data.RTL, RTL\C++, RTL\C++\Exception HandlingRSP-11426
Catching C++ Exception Fails if Linking w/ Dynamic RTL (or 'aborts' if thrown from Package)RTL, RTL\C++, RTL\C++\Exception HandlingRSP-27255
[C++17] Cannot construct std::optional via "Copy initialization forwarding"RTL, RTL\C++, RTL\C++\STLRSB-3005
[C++] Cannot Copy Initialize 'std::tuple'RTL, RTL\C++, RTL\C++\STLRSB-2999
Invalid operator= in the memory source file from DinkumwareRTL, RTL\C++, RTL\C++\STLRSP-29985
Memory leak when utilize TTask in dynamic package libraryRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-15316
RegEx memory consumption - it copy whole data to resulted match!RTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-19506
JSON serialization fails on TDate fieldsRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-9652
WebApp.TCookie doesnt support the Cookie attribute "SameSite"RTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-27386
StorageService.SetObjectACL fails when filename on AWS S3 contains + symbolRTL, RTL\DelphiRSB-2294
TXMLDocument does not suppot UTF-16 on iOSRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-23607
UseResultPointer is incorrect for managed records and arraysRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-17009
TDate in TJSON/Marshalling needs to be checked in addition to TDateTimeRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-31425
TTask Stuck and take a very very long time to startRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-15233
Implementation of TRegistryIniFile.ReadSubSections is faulty.RTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-20380
CreateGUID returns wrong GUID on Android.RTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-20225
Threads do not start (ITask)RTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-24103
TThreadPool.TQueueWorkerThread FreeOnTerminate:=True missingRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-20539
EVariantTypeCastError when convert a UnicodeString variant to booleanRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-26610
tReader, ReadString and german UmlauteRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-31215
TXMLDocument (OmniXML vendor) removes space in prolog between "version" and "standalone"RTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-31060
"TOSVersion" can't detect windows Server 2019 correctlyRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-30257
TEncoding leaks at OmniXMLRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-30766
MacOS App hangs if TNetHTTPClient.OnValidateServerCertificate is assignedRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-31643
TPrivateHeap is no longer thread safe, exceptions if use soap in threadsRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-31737
TStringList LineBreak #13#00 not working anymoreRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-31761
System.JSON.Serializers.TJsonInlineAttributes is not thread safeRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-31395
Multi-Thread calculation still slow in Delphi 10.4RTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-29497
TThreadPool.TThreadPoolMonitor.IsThrottledDelay broken for many threadsRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-28813
Web.HTTPApp ExtractHeaderFields doesnt use DefaultCharSetEncoding and fails with ANSI URL'sRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-28104
Delphi vcl warnings and hints, how to remove them.RTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-27453
MXCSR is set to mask exceptions by TryStrToFloat and in some cases is not resetRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Arithmetic/PrecisionRSP-30367
TWinBluetoothSocket - Port not defined for RFCOMMRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\BluetoothRSP-20672
ISO8601ToDate fails when the UTC date falls within the TimeZone's DST periodRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Date/TimeRSP-32067
ISO8601 to TDateTime conversion fails to validate wrong inputsRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Date/TimeRSP-31399
Possibility to add at generics List duplicated keyRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\List/CollectionsRSP-31396
Delphi XMLDocument : No mapping for the Unicode character exists in the target multi-byte code pageRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\NetRSP-16675
Memory leak in LinuxRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\NetRSP-21333
Handling Client-side Certificates in HTTPS request for Android OSRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\NetRSP-20194
ThreadPool create (magic 30 + MinWorkerThreads) parallel tasks onlyRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\ThreadsRSP-24035
Slow Multi-Thread Code GenerationRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\ThreadsRSP-23466
Delphi Berlin PPL TFuture hangs on WAIT in second instanceRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\ThreadsRSP-16913
ThreadPool task can wait for 2 minutes before running the taskRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\ThreadsRSP-30932
HiDpi - Win10 - 4k display - 300% scaling - Styles - Small check box on main menus and popup menusRTL, RTL\Delphi, VCLRSP-30281
GlobalRef leak in TAndroidBluetoothGattCharacteristic.DoSetValueRTL, RTL\Delphi\BluetoothRSP-31324
Deflate decompression does not work with RESTClient libraryRTL\Delphi\NetRSP-30486
TFormatSettings.Invariant causes segmentation fault when used with FormateDateTimeRTL\Delphi\NetRSP-30964
REST component not work in Android appRTL\Delphi\NetRSP-30944
System.NetEncoding encodes + sign incorrectly in path URLRTL\Delphi\NetRSP-27749
SOAP WSDL Request wrongSOAPRSP-21416
Various bugs in SOAP unitSOAPRSP-16017
SOAP method causes "Duplicates not allowed" errorSOAPRSP-16709
Redundant condition in Soap.SOAPHTTPClient.pasSOAPRSP-20812
TSOAPDomConv.ObjInstanceToSOAP not processing 'Variant' attribute propertiesSOAPRSP-15222
Incorrectly imported WSDL definition of the SOAP web service (This is not an importer issue: it's the SOAP serialization runtime)SOAPRSP-16728
variant array with length = 1 stored in dynamic array can not transmitted by soapSOAPRSP-18313
Float values can not transmitted via soap in variant propertiesSOAPRSP-18307
TSOAPDomConv.SetObjectPropFromText problem parsing CardinalSOAPRSP-15791
"redéfinir les blocs" = "écraser les blocs"TranslationRSP-26325
tRzGroupBar component scroll issue when using VCL StylesVCLRSP-30007
Konopka TRzButtonEdit causes TToolbars to truncate in Delphi 10.1 BerlinVCLRSP-15757
[TCustomListView ] Stream read errorVCLRSP-20010
TToolBar does not draw disabled images when using TVirtualImageList in DisabledImages propertyVCLRSP-32298
Darkmode WindowsVCLRSP-30307
With Screen scales higher than 100%, TCustomGrid.DefaultRowHeight/RowHeights is too small, also TDBEdit.HeightVCLRSP-30980
Bug in TActionClientLink.IsImageIndexLinkedVCLRSP-20205
TPageControl.SetTabIndex activates wrong page when some tabs are hiddenVCLRSP-17662
Edge does not work with new WebView2Loader.dll from Microsoft Nuget GalleryVCLRSP-31427
Divide By Zero with 0 width/height column1/row1VCLRSP-31536
Parameter missing in DrawText in Vcl.Themes.pasVCLRSP-31978
Konopka controls "Hot Track Color" not VCL style awareVCLRSP-17032
Transparent RzRadiobutton on Doublebuffered RzToolBar rendering problemVCLRSP-16680
Dropdown calender of TRzDateTimePicker ignores styleVCLRSP-16772
TGroupBox and TRadioGroup font color ignoredVCLRSP-13801
Winapi.GDIPOBJ doesn't clean up resources when used inside a libraryVCLRSP-20946
TCustomImageList draws disabled images in a bad quality.VCLRSP-21274
Mem leak in TRzColorEditVCLRSP-24327
TControlItem.AssignTo is not complete and forgets about Col/Row span valuesVCLRSP-31270
TBitBtn ignores TImageList, if custom styles are activeVCLRSP-31724
Range error in TCustomStyle.PaintBorder in Win64 platformVCLRSP-30272
PopUpMenu Style not working when Focus is in TComboboxVCLRSP-31147
FindDialog - CustomStyles - CloseDialog - OnClose is not calledVCLRSP-31121
TBitmap.LoadFromStream raises wrong exception messageVCLRSP-31054
TCardPanel - deleting the end TCard moves activeCard to the first instead of last cardVCLRSP-31038
TBitBtn does not keep the new image when Kind is set to bkClose and ModalResult is in mrNoneVCLRSP-30880
TListView produces exception EListError with message 'List index out of bounds (0)'VCLRSP-30781
Invalid Form.OnResize (dispatched to children controls) with custom VCL Style usedVCLRSP-30138
Themed TScrollBar goes wrongVCLRSP-30114
Themed TButton with bsSplitButton doesn't respond to BCM_SETSPLITINFO messageVCLRSP-30460
Property Font in TSpeedButton not workingVCLRSP-30755
TListView - CustomStyles (Carbon) - Disabled control not painted correctlyVCLRSP-30538
Setting PageControl.TabIndex selects the wrong page if some pages have TabVisible:=falseVCLRSP-31323
TJpegImage not detecting FF D8 FF DB / ÿØÿÛ format in CanLoadFromStreamVCLRSP-31280
Edge Browser cache system should be revisedVCLRSP-28837
Closing a VCL form with a TMainMenu item leads to a memory overwrite in TFormStyleHookVCLRSP-29745
TFormStyleHook.WMSize crash when MainForm isn't assignedVCLRSP-29913
DPI Scaling of TActionMenuBarVCLRSP-29912
missing files (Vcl.DBLookup.hpp for WIN64)VCLRSP-29907
TRzCheckBox check box wrong size at design timeVCLRSP-29903
TBitBtn don't work with TVirtualImagesList and StylesVCLRSP-29606
Remove library hints and warnings from the library supplied with Delphi.VCLRSP-27457
TCategoryPanel do not properly handles SubComponentsVCL, VCL\AdditionalRSP-19256
TLabel on TCategoryPanel/TCategoryPanelGroup does not repaintVCL, VCL\AdditionalRSP-15955
TGridPanel-CustomizingVCL, VCL\AdditionalRSP-10064
Collapesed TCategoryPanel is wrong height in high dpiVCL, VCL\AdditionalRSP-27210
Vcl.Direct2D - small bug in tDirect2DBrush.Assign?VCL, VCL\CoreRSP-24441
'Argument out of range' exception on a styled VCL application with a THeaderControl control.VCL, VCL\Styles/ThemesRSP-30412
TStatusBar Text not centered vertically when using VCL StylesVCL, VCL\Styles/ThemesRSP-30449
VCL Themes - Flicker when resizing.VCL, VCL\Styles/ThemesRSP-30639
TTabSheet control "randomly" adds/removes Explicit* properties depending on if a tab is activated at design timeVCL, VCL\Win32RSP-13679
TCategoryPanel FExpandedHeight not DPI Scaled if collapsedVCL\AdditionalRSP-31540

Delphi 10.4.1 got released.

Embarcadero released a big update, disguised as a small point release 10.4.1 to the prior 10.4.
Delphi and C++ Builder got fixes for more than 500 publicly reported Bugs and all in all over 800 quality releated improvements.

Download here (You need a valid running License): 

And here are the changes:

Key Enhancements by product area in 10.4.1

Supported Platforms

RAD Studio now supports deploying apps on Windows Server 2019.



  • Package AUTO libsuffix: packages can now have an automatic version suffix, instead of manually updating and specifying the right version suffix with each new release. (The compiler quietly supported this in 10.4, but full support for the feature in the IDE and package project settings is introduced in 10.4.1.)
  • The Pentium-safe FDIV compiler option is no longer shown in the Delphi compiler options.
  • The Projects pane context menu items that were no longer available after 10.3 (invoked by right-clicking on an empty area in the Projects pane) are now available via a drop-down in the Projects pane toolbar.


  • Improved support for multi-monitor desktop layouts for those using multiple editor windows across multiple screens
  • The floating form designer has been removed. Note that you can still have multiple edit windows including a form designer in a second window, and in fact, support for that has been enhanced.
  • When the IDE switches layout, such as to/from debugging, or to/from startup (e.g. when opening or closing a project), if the same layout is specified for both states, the layout won’t be applied. This avoids unnecessarily switching layouts.
  • Desktop layouts which cannot be applied (i.e. are floating layouts, no longer supported, see above) will be listed in gray in the Desktop Layout combo box in the title bar. When a floating layout is applied, the IDE will instead show a dialog.
  • Improved support for 4K monitors: IDE now correctly restores layouts on a 4K monitor in situations where the 4K screen is not scaled
  • If the IDE expects a project’s .dsk file but it does not find it, it opens using the default layout.


  • Options and other dialogs:
    • The Project Options, IDE Options, GetIt, and New Items dialogs now have scrollbar tracking (will move as you drag the scrollbar.) This includes scrolling with the mouse wheel
    • The Options dialog (environment options) used to always open to show settings for the Win64 target platform; now it opens according to the currently active platform.
  • Several listview controls, which can be difficult to read in the dark theme, have been replaced by the virtual treeview.
  • The guided tour was removed from the Welcome page
  • Several Object Inspector fixes, especially around flickering and selecting the wrong property
  • Improved the selection of items on the Structure pane, including where you would click on an item and another item was selected


  • ‘Broadcast to devices’ is off by default. This always accessed the network on IDE startup, causing errors for some customers. Now that it’s disabled, (valid) network errors will only occur if you turn it on.
  • The names of the 64-bit Windows debuggers (visible in the Attach To Process dialog) have been clarified to explain which is for Delphi and which for C++. This should help you choose which debugger to use when attaching to a process.

Smaller but notable fixes

  • ‘Delete Invalid Paths’ should no longer remove valid paths.
  • Moving toolbars no longer presents issues.
  • "-showotamenunames" (used by ToolsAPI developers) has been re-enabled.
  • Editing a string list in the code editor now works again.
  • Dialogs are shown in the IDE using a modern style.
  • Drawing issues, such as showing the IDE window as a solid color when opening a project, are resolved.
  • On Windows 7, the title bar no longer has a white line at the top.
  • The action editor used to draw images as black, which is resolved.
  • Some IDE menus now draw correctly (e.g. popup menus in Audits); also some menus did not show the menu Checked state, but now do.
  • The debug symbols search path now supports $(Platform) and $(Config) environment variables
  • The code editor used to let you select invalid encodings for a unit (applicable only to forms); these are now no longer available.
  • An issue installing packages that presented as being unable to load a package, caused by packages with the filename case differing on disk and usually seen with large projects, has been resolved.

Delphi LSP/ Code Completion Changes

  • Significant performance work:
    • Improvement in memory usage, with DelphiLSP processes using much less memory
    • Improvement in speed: code completion results should appear much more quickly
  • Inside Code completion, go to definition and hover, all provide better results (e.g., code completion improves the list of symbols it suggests.)
  • There are new options for controlling code completion, allowing you to tweak the functionality to behave much more similarly to classic completion. Read more about these settings here.
  • When filtering code completion as you type, the matching characters are now optionally drawn underlined.
  • Class completion settings have been moved to the Code Insight settings page
  • Files changed outside the IDE (e.g. by an external editor or source control) will be recognized by the LSP server and re-scanned.
  • Several fixes for general Code Insight issues presenting as no completion results, including an issue with a + symbol in the path, plus several others.
  • Improved handling of packages
    • Packages with contained units no longer cause errors
    • Code completion will offer symbols from a required package
    • There should be no more false errors reported in packages.
    • Code completion in packages, in general, is improved.
  • Help Insight shows accurate content when hovering over a symbol.
  • Code completion will work when ‘Use MSBuild externally to compile’ is turned on.c
  • Errors rendering ‘red squiggles’ have been resolved when the length of the red squiggly line was wrong.
  • When code completion’s list was set to sort by name instead of scope, selecting an item inserted the wrong text. This is fixed.
  • 10.4.1 also includes all fixes from 10.4 Patch 2, such as not inserting () braces when they already exist, pressing Space not selecting the current completion, completion lagging, and then not entering text correctly, Error Insight in the Structure pane lagging by a keystroke, and so forth.

Code Insight for Large Projects

The following fixes will be especially noticeable for large projects. Note the above memory usage and performance fixes are also very significant for large projects.

  • The compiler improved attempts to parse past fatal errors.
  • Improved the notifications to the server when there are IDE-side changes. This reduces churn and improves completion accuracy.

RTL Improvements

New TLightweightMREW Record

We are introducing a new reader-writer lock implementation, working across all supported platforms and which is faster and more lightweight than the old TMultiReadExclusiveWriteSynchronizer (a.k.a. TMREWSync). TLightweightMREW wraps a native implementation of a reader-writer lock on each platform.

For more information, please read the TLightweightMREW documentation.

Parallel Programming Library

Many fixes to TThread.WaitFor, TParallel.For, TParallel.Join, TConditionVariableMutex.WaitFor for Linux, TTask.WaitForAny, and the TPoolThread class IdleWorkerThreadCount. We also addressed some issues with TThreadedQueue related with PopItem, the use of a large number of threads, and more.


  • XML quality work: a few long-standing issues with the TXMLDocument component were improved, tied to the various DOMVendors we support (OmniXML, ADOM). Some of these issues are related to UTF support and encodings.
  • SOAP WSDL Importer: improved the WSDL importing logic and also SOAP clients invocation.

Web Clients

  • Winapi.Winsock2 now includes inet_ntop to better support IPv6 addresses
  • TRESTResponseDataSetAdapter imports JSON strings with appropriate length
  • Improved support for enums in TJSONSerializer
  • A few TRestResponseDataSetAdapter fixes
  • Creating a TIPAddress from a URL now works also on Windows
  • The NSURLConnection API was deprecated by Apple on Mac OS X 10.11 and iOS 9, but it was still used in our HTTP Client Library. 10.4.1 introduces support for the newer NSURLSession API on both platforms. This change also addresses issues with proxy support on macOS.


  • A significant number of DataSnap issues have been addressed, including some performance problems and memory leaks, MidasLib issues, DatasetProvider and TClientDataSet ones
  • Improved FireDAC support for SQL Server Function Parameters
  • Fix in TFDMemTable FindFirst with IndexFieldNames
  • Improved TFDQuery with Calculated- and BLOB-Fields
  • Better TFDTable PostgreSQL multicolumn index field order
  • FireDAC-PostgreSQL parsing of QuoteTag inside strings

Other RTL Improvements

  • Performance improvements for TStrings with custom LineBreak
  • Optimized TObject methods returning or checking strings
  • Exposed UTF8IdentXxx functions
  • Optimized LoadResString

VCL Improvements

  • Several TGrid regressions in 10.4 (partially already addressed in 10.4 Patch 2) have been resolved, including TStringGrid and other grid controls, misalignment in grid StretchDraw method in OnDrawCell, and others
  • Improved TGridPanel’s handling of percentage-based spacing. You can now specify exact percentages for columns or rows and have those apply instead of them being modified as you set them. This greatly improves using the TGridPanel layout control to get exactly the spacing your layout needs
  • TBitBtn's inbuilt glyphs have been moved to HighDPI, plus scaling improvements
  • The custom title bar supports high DPI scaling and has a number of other quality fixes
  • TUpDown component Position property and OnChangingEx event improvements
  • StatusBar component supports DoubleBuffered drawing
  • TPageControl SetTabIndex methods now works correctly if there are hidden tabs
  • TDateTimePicker text doesn’t look blurred on move hovering
  • TLabel word wrap has been improved by replacing the font height calculation logic
  • TListView infotip stays visible longer
  • DB Controls border looks the same of the non-data-aware controls
  • Several style improvements
  • Issues with the caption widths of owner drawn top-level menu items, and styled menus and their scaling, have been improved
  • Styles respect the ImageMargins of TButton and TButton text positions


FMX TMemo improvements

We are continuing the work on the new FireMonkey TMemo component architecture, by adding additional improvements to the Windows implementation and adding support for macOS to this new FMX TMemo component architecture. Most of the focus is on TMemo IME mode for Korean, Japanese, and Chinese (among other languages) but there are also general improvements in performance, stability, scrolling behavior, mouse selection, copy and paste, and more. There are also fixes for TEdit.

Smaller but notable fixes

  • The Storyboard Launch Screen has added support for icon sizes required by Apple for iOS.
  • Improved permissions management for iOS Push notifications
  • TListView OnItemClick fires even if already selected
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent values for TMediaPlayer.Duration on Android
  • iOS WebBrowser issue with external links
  • TStringGrid OnCellDblClick event
  • TListView Checkmark Accessory disappearing

Delphi Language

The 10.4.1 release improves the Delphi compiler in several areas. In particular the focus was on supporting the LSP code completion, and in improving the managed records quality, but we also addressed a few 10.4 regressions and unexpected changes (including issues with goto statements and other uncommon scenarios). There are some improvements in package references and C++ HPP files generation. The release also improves compiler performance in a few areas, optimizing unit names lookup and other internal searches, benefiting large projects. There are also a few code generation improvements (that is, cases in which the compiler can generate code that performs better).

Managed Records

This release improves Managed Records quality, including:

  • Return values optimizations
  • Cleanup of a few compiler errors
  • Improvements to operator Assign
  • Changes to Default(T) for managed records
  • Better coexistence of managed records and generics
  • Some cases of missing invocation of Initialize

C++ Language

Win64 Debugger

  • The Win64 LLDB-based debugger has several improvements, especially around catching and continuing from exceptions, and in performance (especially when there are many threads.)
  • Fixed an issue where Delphi visualizers were being invoked: visualizers for TStringList, Currency, TDateTime are no longer invoked.
  • Fixed an issue where the exception dialog was shown when using F7 to start a new debug session.
  • Handling of OS exceptions is improved.
  • IDE performance improved when stepping when there are hundreds of threads.


  • The Win64 linker (ilink64) has had significant revision of its memory handling. This should reduce out of memory errors in large projects, or with debug builds.

Exception Handling

  • Several key exception handling issues have been fixed. This includes an issue affecting ACE/TAO allocating memory, where the Windows API can throw a SEH exception.

General Quality

  • Several crashes, ICEs and similar resolved in the Clang compiler.
  • Issues generating RTTI for closures have been resolved.
  • Improvements in debug info generation especially for Delphi-style classes.
  • Improvements in the RTL, mainly around removing the MFC compatibility macro and always exporting these symbols, as well as compatibility issues found while supporting common C++ libraries.

Other Enhancements

  • Addressed an access violation in the License Manager application.
  • Directly invoking GetItCmd.exe no longer removes installed packages from the system

Here is the Patches list:

Publicly reported bugs fixed in 10.4.1

RAD Studio 10.4.1 Sydney release includes over 500 quality and performance enhancements for publicly reported bugs.

Exception catch program runs incorrectly with 32-bit compilerCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-27904
Abnormal program terminationCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-27875
License TwineCompile And Ship It With C++BuilderCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-27168
ICE: Internal compiler error: 0 @ 00000000Compiler, Compiler\C++RSP-25543
Clang compiler generates wrong class member addressesCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-23819
fmxdae.a is missing on win64 architectureCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-23340
__property UnicodeString namespace .... -> Declaration terminated incorrectlyCompiler, Compiler\C++RSP-20365
Error "Property and method <MethodName> are not compatible" in Object InspectorCompiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANG, Compiler\C++\CLANG\Delphi interopRSP-29734
Cannot override Delphi's DYNAMIC methods in template classesCompiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANG, Compiler\C++\CLANG\Delphi interopRSP-27859
IDE|Code Completion] CodeInsight stopped workingCompiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANG, Compiler\C++\CLANG\IDE Interaction, IDE\Code InsightRSP-22875
Can't debug 64 bits packagesCompiler, Compiler\C++, Debugger, IDERSP-23970
C++ Builder 10.3.3 Android ExceptionsCompiler, Compiler\C++, FireMonkeyRSP-27268
linker problem with boost 1.68 and 1.70 and bcc64Compiler, Compiler\C++, LinkerRSP-29695
[ilink32 Warning] Warning: Public symbol '_methsig' defined in both module xxx.OBJ and yyy.OBJCompiler, Compiler\C++, LinkerRSP-29316
[Bcc32c] Calling extern "C" __stdcall function causes AV if function name starts with uppercase 'L'.Compiler, Compiler\C++, Linker, RTL\C++RSP-30181
VCL Package linker error (file not found)Compiler, Compiler\C++, Linker, RTL\C++, VCLRSB-2567
BUG ReportCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-4339
Getting Type parameter 'T' must be non-null value type after patch updateCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-30288
Delphi LSP causes Hyperviser VM to "lock up"Compiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-4258
F2063 Could not compile used unit 'Mitov.Types.pas'Compiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-30214
F2084 Internal Error: AV0A1692A2(0A110000)-R00000000-0Compiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-4246
In some cases, Custom Managed Records is not initializedCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-30204
Regression: Internal error F2804Compiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-4232
Relase a stable version. No any NEW FEATURECompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-30179
Broken Default() for record, broken code competition for inline recordsCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-30093
[Regression] Compiler Optimization drops Result-AssignmentCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-30088
(Regression) Generic record constraints broken in Update 2Compiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-30073
[PATCH2 REGRESSION] F2084 Internal Error: C24243Compiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-30072
inline member functions in records expanded incorrectlyCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-30014
'IDETheme.ActnCtrls' Not foundCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-29934
AsCurrency reports 0.0001 when data shows 0.0000Compiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-29785
MacOS does not report the reason for the failed compilation.Compiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-29456
Compiler generates incorrect code for if-thenCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-29412
Corrupted stack for TThing<T>.Proc<A>(X: A) when A is IntegerCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-29379
[dcc32 Fatal Error] F2084 Internal Error: L891Compiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-29317
[dcc32 Fatal Error] F2084 Internal Error: C2612Compiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-29315
Internal error L891 when linking because of complex types based on records with class varCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-29310
CODEGEN bug in managed fields initialization, associated with new management operators.Compiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-29299
Compiler generates wrong code for template functionCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-29256
Incorrect property value obtained from the recordCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-29227
Access violation with working code under 10.2Compiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-29226
GoTo statements not workingCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-29142
Compiler internal error if you ignore the result of a function that returns a generic recordCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-29127
ICE E1812Compiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-29124
[Regression] Bad codegen in function returning generic typeCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-4150
Build a project is very slow without IDE Fix PackCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-4141
[BadCG] In the absence of Initialize, finalisation is not guaranteed for local variablesCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-4138
Default(T) generates bad code for managed recordCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-4121
[BadCG] Operator Assign is not always invoked for fieldsCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-4065
Compiler error when inlining new Bit Counting Standard FunctionsCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-4053
[BadCG] Operator Assign should not allow non-default calling conventionsCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-4042
Compilation error with TIdFTP Internet Direct(Indy)Compiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-28703
Managed Records: Cast Operators cause Internal ErrorsCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-4001
Managed Records Causing Internal Compiler ErrorCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-3999
RVO for M-records: assignment to local variablesCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-3987
RVO for M-records: initialisation of local variablesCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-3975
[REGRESSION] E2154 Type 'T' needs finalization - not allowed in variant recordCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-3881
[BadCG] Value M-record parameters: improper AddRefRecordCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-3777
Poor code generation for local managed record variablesCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-3651
Delphi Package fails to compileCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-3631
[dcc32 Fatal Error] F2084 Internal Error: L891Compiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-3616
Goto allows skipping of implicit finally blocksCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-27752
Compiler deadlockCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-27623
Internal error when trying to inline with optimization onCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-27251
Type mismatch in generic when parameter types are reorderedCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-26397
[REGRESSION] E2604 Recursive use of generic typeCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-26143
IDE reports incorrect hintCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-25932
Compiler directive doesn't work if added on the top lineCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-24273
Package version is brokenCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-24079
Build of linux 64 errorCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-23403
Record helper class constructor gives senseless compiler warningCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-23024
Internal error URW1224 when type alias is defined in generic recordCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-21754
Pointer type check missed when object field is a dynarrayCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-2770
Compiler generates incorrect code for parameterized record typeCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-21554
Const dynamic array unexpectedly contains uninitialized dataCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-21248
Interface Implements with bad return addressCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-20871
Compiler error when using nested generic record in compound typeCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-20388
A generic "reference to function" will only match the first of several overloaded functionsCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-20372
Win32 compiler - Memory corruption with array helpersCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-19714
AV in TList<T>.Remove (64-bit compiler only)Compiler, Compiler\DelphiRSP-18148
Calling backtrace function on Linux causes Segmentation faultCompiler, Compiler\DelphiRSB-1791
EJNIFatalCompiler, Compiler\Delphi, FireMonkeyRSP-29489
crash compiling a projet to iOSCompiler, Compiler\Delphi, IDERSP-29486
IDE or compiler errorCompiler, Compiler\Delphi, IDERSP-24143
Linker Error when linking android appCompiler, Compiler\Delphi, LinkerRSP-26411
Returning record with only one field of managed type from function causes non optimized codeCompiler\DelphiRSP-29895
Internal Compiler Error: NI19689Compiler\DelphiRSP-29554
Internal Compiler Error: F2084 Internal Error: I8085Compiler\Delphi, RTL\DelphiRSP-29668
Firedac explorer uses the OS language settings instead of the Delphi interface languageDataRSB-4242
Firedac Explorer : Employee Tables causes Access ViolationDataRSB-4241
FireDAC CloneCursor changes the state of Source DataSet !!DataRSP-29987
10.4 Sydney BDE InstallerDataRSP-29184
Trying to use the TAmazonStorageService::GetObject method produces an Unresolved external linker error about not finding GetObjectWData, Data\CloudRSP-27704
DataSnap cpu activity on idle connectionsData, Data\DataSnapRSP-29681
DataSnap Server ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERRORData, Data\DataSnapRSP-29219
Datasnap: Very slow when moving File (>2.1 GB) from Client to Server compared to opposit directionData, Data\DataSnapRSP-28179
DataSnap: unsigned types not supportedData, Data\DataSnapRSP-28128
Datasnap Filter - Abstract ErrorData, Data\DataSnapRSP-28067
onValidateCertificate not working on OSX and IOSData, Data\DataSnapRSP-27983
REST: base64.js issueData, Data\DataSnapRSP-26081
TLS 1.2 support for Datasnap standalone or windows service serverData, Data\DataSnapRSP-21524
Datasnap: ServerMethod Parameter AnsiString wrong generated by ProxyGeneratorData, Data\DataSnap, IDERSP-28166
Memory overflow on DataSnap server compiled as Apache module on Windows + IEData, Data\DataSnap, InternetRSP-27871
Incorrect error messageData, Data\DBCtrlsRSP-12673
10.4 BDE Field.AsBoolean Error through change in Assembler-CodeData, Data\DBRtlRSP-29638
DataSnap Server Crash with Win64 and Firebird 3.0Data, Data\DBXRSP-30342
FDLocalSQL without 'IncludeHiddenFields' Add a FDMemtable raise a errorData, Data\FireDACRSP-30294
FDLocalSQL Add a FDMemtable With a Lookup Field raise a errorData, Data\FireDACRSP-30291
Firedac Doesn't Retrieve Sql Server Function ParametersData, Data\FireDACRSP-30001
TFDMemTable incorrect FindFirst with IndexFieldNamesData, Data\FireDACRSP-29997
TFDTable PostgreSQL multicolumn index incorrect field orderData, Data\FireDACRSP-29956
[FireDAC][Phys][SQLite][sqlite3]-303. Capability is not supported'.Data, Data\FireDACRSP-29783
Program crashes using MEMO Fields with content > 1084 charactersData, Data\FireDACRSP-29425
ThousandSeparator Problem while reading CSV files in FireDAC.Comp.BatchMove.Text: TFDBatchMoveTextReader.ReadRecordData, Data\FireDACRSP-29298
Can't load on AndroidData, Data\FireDACRSP-29223
FireDAC-PostgreSQL incorrectly parses QuoteTag (FInStr3) inside strings (FInStr1)Data, Data\FireDACRSP-28238
FireDAC range-based master/detail may close and open detail datasets when scrolling masterData, Data\FireDACRSP-27393
FireDac master-detailData, Data\FireDACRSP-25992
[FireDAC][Phys][IBLite]-314. Cannot load vendor library [libibtogo.dylib]Data, Data\FireDAC, InstallRSP-29134
[DCC Fatal Error] dmDS_u.pas(13): F2613 Unit 'System.WideStrings' not found.Data, Data\FireDAC, RTL\DelphiRSP-30139
TLinkPropertyToField.ComponentProperty assignmentData, Data\LiveBindingsRSP-29183
problem with listview and live bindingsData, Data\LiveBindings, Data\Midas, FireMonkeyRSP-29521
Exception Visual bindingData, Data\LiveBindings, FireMonkeyRSP-20666
BCD Overflow - Client DataSet with datetime and bcdfield (n,2) in databaseData, Data\MidasRSP-30213
AccessViolation when applying updates of TDataSetProviderData, Data\MidasRSP-29831
[TClientDataSet] Exception when a ftWideMemo is set to an empty string with LogChanges=TrueData, Data\MidasRSP-29431
DataSetProvider options on LinuxData, Data\MidasRSP-28305
Win64 project with MidasLib incorretly load WideMemo field DataData, Data\MidasRSP-27377
ClientDataSet - Null or not null, that's the questionData, Data\MidasRSP-27175
Access Violation executing TClientDataset.LoadFromFile if file contains Optional Params and MidasLib is statically linked with 64 bits compilerData, Data\MidasRSP-26304
TClientDataSet.ApplyRange fail to work with multiple indexes setData, Data\MidasRSP-26240
Clone a TClientDataset instance with IndexFieldNames of more than 16 fields cause Invalid ParametersData, Data\MidasRSP-26216
ClientDataSet Memory Leak!!!!Data, Data\MidasRSP-23477
Delphi XE8/10.2 - 64-bit Midas/MidasLib IssueData, Data\MidasRSP-21283
Aggregate totals can become incorrect with 64 bit TClientDataSetData, Data\MidasRSP-20391
64 bit MidasLib does not calculate aggregate totals correctly for negative numbersData, Data\MidasRSP-20390
TClientDataSet.DisableStringTrim = False fail to work for ftWideString fieldData, Data\MidasRSP-19886
Editing A ClientDataset when Logchanges is False and a filter with NULL expression has been appliedData, Data\MidasRSP-19401
DataSetProvider "Invalid pointer operation" on 64bitData, Data\MidasRSP-19247
ClientDataset open cds file Chinese FiledName display garbled codeData, Data\MidasRSP-18838
TClientDataSet.SaveToFile produces different XML when using midas.dll and midaslibData, Data\MidasRSP-18641
TClientDataSet A/V with XML, TWideMemoField, MidasLib, x64Data, Data\MidasRSP-18263
MidasLib issueData, Data\MidasRSP-17696
DataSnap 64 bit client abnormal program terminationData, Data\MidasRSP-16351
TAggregrateField not sum up BCD amount correctly for TClientDataSet in Win64 platformData, Data\MidasRSP-15094
Problem with MidasLib in Delphi XE7 SP1Data, Data\MidasRSP-12991
TAggregateField not handling negative amounts in 64-bit TClientDataSetData, Data\MidasRSP-12516
Delphi 10.4 ListView, TClientDataSet bug in Android 10Data, Data\Midas, FireMonkeyRSP-29482
BCD convert errorData, Data\Midas, RTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-29719
Complex object JSON does not load Delphi 10.4Data, Data\RESTRSP-29769
Rest debugger create wrong code.Data, Data\RESTRSP-27048
TRESTClient and Negotiate (Kerberos) AuthenticationData, Data\REST, RTL\Delphi\NetRSP-15455
Precision loss on a floating point number sporadicallyData, RTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-26568
Exception occurs in RadServer management console is the port of the profil is set to the one of the RadServer Development ConsoleData\MEAPRSP-27300
It is possible to login to ExtJS Web Console for Rad Server without entering credentialsData\MEAPRSP-27248
Debugger regressionDebuggerRSP-30262
Unable to create processDebuggerRSP-29884
Debugger does not startDebuggerRSP-29239
can't debug win64 at allDebuggerRSP-29206
C++Builder 64 bit Debugger alters the default working directory from the app executable directoryDebuggerRSP-29145
New Windows 64 bit debugger freezes and does not stop on exceptionsDebuggerRSP-29125
Debugger for C++ Win64 application shows wrong values for membersDebuggerRSP-27084
No permission for file access to file in Catalina in Documents folder when run from debuggerDebuggerRSB-3484
Debugger errorDebuggerRSP-18923
bcceval64] Embarcadero Debugger Kernal has stopped working - STEPS NEEDEDDebuggerRSP-11570
Simulator's devices with version 11.3 doesn't workDebugger, FireMonkeyRSP-20589
Starting DUnit test run via F9 executes it two timesDebugger, VCLRSB-4114
The included demo's have wrong line endingsDemosRSP-28326
Build Error Unit "Androidapi.JNI.PlayServices.Tasks' not found. when I build Android.File Delivery, Install\GetItRSB-4074
Roate text is not show on mobile devicesFireMonkeyRSP-30348
Can't turn on camera functionFireMonkeyRSP-30273
Double Click on TStringGridFireMonkeyRSP-29863
Setting Parent to nil for a frame that has a TMemo causes a crashFireMonkeyRSP-29798
Issue with deploying apps to AppStoreConnectFireMonkeyRSP-29692
FMX: An error occurs when undoing twice after pasting a string to Memo controlFireMonkeyRSP-29633
Metal backend does not support 8-bit texturesFireMonkeyRSP-29563
FMX TMediaPlayer.Duration nonsense value on AndroidFireMonkeyRSP-29561
Display rotated text, some angles cannot be displayedFireMonkeyRSP-29170
iOS App simply crashes with a TWebBrowser on it.FireMonkeyRSP-29129
Metal is slow compare to the old quartz canvas under macosFireMonkeyRSB-4208
Crash with TRadiantPathShape with metal under macosFireMonkeyRSB-4207
Crash with TReflectionEffect with metal under macosFireMonkeyRSB-4206
FMXTee.Canvas not compilable due to FreeAndNil changeFireMonkeyRSP-28780
FMX.DAE.Schema.MathTypes and FMX.DAE.Schema.GLES are missingFireMonkeyRSB-4098
TabOrder information lost on parent changeFireMonkeyRSB-4081
TBitmap.Canvas does not work properly on Metal macOSFireMonkeyRSB-4019
Windows listview font bigger at first timeFireMonkeyRSB-3859
TWebBrowser losing focus on EvaluateJavaScript (Android)FireMonkeyRSP-27622
iOS dark mode messes up buttons with glyphsFireMonkeyRSP-27620
The use of webBrowser and BannerAd on the same form makes bannerAd invisibleFireMonkeyRSP-27406
Edit controls appear focused when they should notFireMonkeyRSP-27378
TMapview with zoom error in Delphi 10.3.3 AndroidFireMonkeyRSP-27261
Assigning a transparent TBitmapSurface does not make it transparentFireMonkeyRSP-27111
OnKeyUp does not work well on MacFireMonkeyRSP-27066
Unable to press button after iOS virtual keyboard is entered #2FireMonkeyRSB-3473
ClientArea painting problem when MainMenu wraps or unwraps.FireMonkeyRSP-26601
Unable to press button after returning from suspend.FireMonkeyRSB-3431
TDateEdit.ClosePicker method fails on AndroidFireMonkeyRSP-26301
Accelerators also trigger on Ctrl, not just AltFireMonkeyRSP-26074
Dismissing TDialogService.MessageDialog causes access violationFireMonkeyRSP-26009
Changing TGrid.RowCount from code makes the size adjustment strangeFireMonkeyRSP-25677
EvaluateJavaSript procedure causes browser flickering on Android appFireMonkeyRSP-25660
TMemo - some weird issues - flickering and incorrect srollbarFireMonkeyRSP-24744
TGeocoder is not returning Locality field with city nameFireMonkeyRSP-24431
Accessibility Package does not compileFireMonkeyRSP-24082
TWebBrowser only loads PDF first time on Mac OSXFireMonkeyRSP-23976
TEdit readonly property if ControlType=Platform has no effectFireMonkeyRSP-23870
FMX.ListView.OnChange fires even if item doesn't changeFireMonkeyRSP-23188
TMemo crashes when system time changedFireMonkeyRSP-23148
Memoryleak in TControl3DFireMonkeyRSP-21549
TViewport3D align errors with TTabControl on Android and iOSFireMonkeyRSP-21471
TFlowLayout problemsFireMonkeyRSP-21442
TMemo performance problem with big dataFireMonkeyRSP-21376
TListView onChange called twiceFireMonkeyRSP-20828
Live Bindings does not work on TSpinBox and TNumberBox controlsFireMonkeyRSP-20661
TMemo bugFireMonkeyRSP-20576
TTreeview.Clear don't clear Selected nodeFireMonkeyRSP-20299
[FMX] In TMemo the cursor does not correspond to the alignment of the text.FireMonkeyRSP-19843
Tmemo Problem - CharCase ecUppercase or ecLowerCaseFireMonkeyRSP-19203
Tmemo not realign it's content when vkback is puchedFireMonkeyRSP-19119
Android App Crash Tedit segmentation error 11FireMonkeyRSP-18757
TCustomForm.RecalcControlsUpdateRect; bad source codeFireMonkeyRSP-18200
FMX-TMemo Undo-BugFireMonkeyRSP-17870
TPrintDialog.Copies: property value doesn't set in the print dialogFireMonkeyRSP-16274
[FMX]TWebBrowser.LoadFromStrings win and Phone need different charsetFireMonkeyRSP-15686
Regression in TModel3D - Load MeshCollectionFireMonkey, FireMonkey\3D ComponentsRSB-2295
TModel3D generiates error when loading DAE file that works with10.2.2FireMonkey, FireMonkey\3D ComponentsRSB-2225
Design time issue when working with TGridPanelLayoutFireMonkey, FireMonkey\ComponentsRSB-1911
missing test on FMX.WebBrowser destroy (extra call of destructor)FireMonkey, FireMonkey\ComponentsRSP-14724
FMX Memo Scrolling BugFireMonkey, FireMonkey\ComponentsRSP-12137
iOS camera needs permissionFireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components, FireMonkey\RuntimeRSP-29813
iOS Push notifications doesn't workingFireMonkey, FireMonkey\RuntimeRSP-29793
TCameraComponent ignores set resolution on Re-ActivateFireMonkey, FireMonkey\RuntimeRSP-27734
FMX TFrame owned components property TabOrder values being lost. (VCL side is ok)FireMonkey, IDERSP-29552
SDK API-Level Location folder empty after install SydneyFireMonkey, IDERSP-29547
Default TabOrder= -1 for FMX [REGRESSION]FireMonkey, IDERSB-3944
[macOS 64] Failure to draw a pattern on a canvas when GlobalUseMetal = trueFireMonkey, RTL, RTL\DelphiRSB-3552
TCustomContextOpenGL.BuildShader crash if acode contain non-preprocessor tokensFireMonkey, RTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-16829
"10.3" in all the page titles in the Feature Matrix pdfHelp and DocRSP-29163
EdgeBrowser needs properties methods documentation on Help in C++ BuilderHelp and DocRSB-4086
FMX.StdCtrls.TCustomTrack.MouseDown translated parameter nameHelp and DocRSP-19259
FMX TGridOption topic AutoDisplacement text in German has an issueHelp and DocRSP-16893
Bad text color in bookmarks tool windowIDERSB-4371
Exception when opening formIDERSB-4367
Cannot install different version of IndyIDERSB-4362
Pressing Enter key in Project Manager does nothing (Update#1-Regression)IDERSB-4348
DelphiLSP uses all Memory - till VM DiesIDERSB-4344
Keyboard and mouse navigation issues with GetIt progress windowIDERSB-4338
IDE Insight edit does not properly redrawIDERSB-4330
FireMonkey grab and resize not always workingIDERSB-4316
Delphi IDE crash while using nested formsIDERSP-30341
Delphi LSP fails with "E2226 Compilation terminated; too many errors" in compiling projectIDERSB-4306
Delphi LSP out of memoryIDERSB-4297
It is not possible to deploy iOS appsIDERSB-4296
OI broken on High DPIIDERSB-4283
cannot find TBindScope in the PaletteIDERSP-30298
Title bar does not reflect the selected unitIDERSB-4272
Repaint problemIDERSP-30279
Access Violation on the Form DesignerIDERSB-4266
Save Desktop can't save to new desktop layout nameIDERSB-4265
Scrollwheel does not work in Options and Project OptionsIDERSP-30264
IDE Color Theme with transparent menu optionsIDERSP-30249
Build Groups show Platforms incorrectIDERSP-30248
read of address 0IDERSP-30216
Add To-Do Item Dialog does not add To-Do itemIDERSP-30141
QA Audit Results Context Menu Missing TextIDERSP-30123
code completion not working in 10.4IDERSP-30101
[DelphiLSP] CodeInsight Sort by Name entering wrong textIDERSP-30066
Moving between New Edit Window and designer moves objects or select textIDERSP-30057
New Edit Window ugly and it is HUGE after project changeIDERSP-30051
TMemo gives Access Violation trying to edit the lines in the Code EditorIDERSP-30048
Drag and drop within the IDEIDERSP-30034
Floating IDE Windows don't follow Dark ThemeIDERSP-30032
Tooltip symbol insight VERY, VERY, VERY SLOWIDERSP-30021
Editor insert point of new event implementation creates syntax errorsIDERSP-30009
AV when closing projectIDERSP-29984
Error message in execution and close fileIDERSP-29970
IDE window moves across the screen when starting/stopping debuggingIDERSP-29919
Error after install componentsIDERSP-29898
Autocomplete in Delphi 10.4 IDE not working the same as in 10.3IDERSP-29879
"New Edit Window" menu item missing from editor context menuIDERSP-29866
When switching between implementation and interface Cursor will be invisibleIDERSP-29810
CRTL+Clic or got to declaration IDE crashIDERSP-29805
IDE Reports Access Violation while using the form designerIDERSP-29781
Navigator plugin for 10.4 generates problems on 10.3IDERSP-29666
There is no manifest in DelphiLSP.exeIDERSP-29646
RAD Studio crashedIDERSP-29595
Structure Panel still not Working correctlyIDERSP-29589
CodeInsight stops workingIDERSP-29584
AV when clicking navigation bar in New Edit WindowIDERSP-29571
Code insight shows error incorrectlyIDERSP-29568
New "vanilla"-IDE-UpdateIDERSP-29556
Projects Window checkboxes missing for some menu itemsIDERSP-29526
Debug crash o Rad StudioIDERSP-29505
Record in a record breaks ctrl+arrow navigationIDERSP-29494
When the IDE theme is turned on, the state of the menu cannot be determined.IDERSP-29461
Strange marking of errorsIDERSP-29460
Dark theme has light theme in "Events Window"IDERSP-29459
Tooltip Symbol Insight make cursor busy and busyIDERSP-29457
Trying to associate a grid column with a field collapses IDE.IDERSP-29454
Delphi IDE CrashIDERSP-29448
Error Insight: variabile declaration with type inference marked as errorIDERSP-29406
[DelphiLSP] IDE Crashes when view form as text is selected and running LSP serverIDERSP-29347
Message appears at launching de IDEIDERSP-29332
[LSP] Error Insight responds very slowlyIDERSP-29300
LSP disabled Error Insight occasionally shows red squiggly lines in code editorIDERSP-29260
AV when clicking on Code Editor of String List Editor dialogIDERSP-29220
Editing TFDQuery.SQL property contents in source editor causes Access ViolationsIDERSP-29207
Konopka VCL controls not available [test]IDERSP-29188
Dialog constantly pops up during debuggingIDERSP-29136
readme of packages in getitIDERSP-29107
XMLDOC not shown for specific codeIDERSB-4157
code insight, wrong replacement of codeIDERSB-4117
code insight turns comments into linksIDERSB-4116
[regression] VCL Form color not applied in design mode.IDERSB-4096
[regression] Bind visually on TDBGRID kills the IDEIDERSB-4092
Loading splash screen is flickeringIDERSB-4087
IDE menu flickeringIDERSB-4061
Model View's context menu not showing itemsIDERSB-4054
[REGRESSION] Project Options drop down for configuration selection shows only platformIDERSB-4008
Connection Editor not visualizing on screen with code editorIDERSB-3974
Error Insight correctly identifies error, but renders squiggly wrongIDERSB-3923
Wrong hint shown for a certain new project typeIDERSB-3867
Project options dialog page "Delphi Compiler" is not populated when opening the dialogIDERSP-28808
Dragging a docked window out of its dock site leaves the dock site having the undocked window's captionIDERSB-3829
IDE file encoding list refers to UCS2 instead of UTF16IDERSB-3809
Cannot rearrange editor tabs, when it is selectedIDERSB-3800
Length of squiggly lines looks being randomIDERSB-3774
Object inspector is flickering while typing control captionIDERSB-3771
IDE displays a blank form when opening project groupIDERSB-3731
LSP ErrorInsight in Structure Pane only shows one keystroke after editorIDERSB-3729
Options - Translation tools - Font - Corrupted?IDERSB-3713
Exceedingly slow IDE in large projects and filesIDERSP-28149
Project manager columns are no longer resizable when 'Show Path' is enabledIDERSB-3659
AV in vclide270.bpl after closing projectIDERSB-3630
The editor does not know that "var" can be used in the start and end ranges in the code.IDERSP-27896
Please add Tracking to ScrollbarsIDERSB-3531
License Manager has access violation error when i click on Workstation LicensesIDERSB-3513
Internal MS Build errorIDERSP-27673
Project Manager allows illegal symbols while renaming files and crashing IDE.IDERSP-27554
Option dialog painting issues - button panelIDERSP-27010
Black image background when selecting actionsIDERSB-3462
Desktop Layout with Live Bindings crashes IDEIDERSB-3390
Issues with dragging toolbarsIDERSB-3318
Object Inspector Focuses Wrong Field After ScrollingIDERSP-26264
Unknown attribute can only be turned to error via compiler directiveIDERSP-26208
Component X can't be registered by package Y because it has already been registered by package ZIDERSP-26016
Multi monitor - IDE changes screen it is running in a multi monitor systemIDERSP-25646
Huge amount of flicker holding down the shift key on IDEIDERSP-25614
IDE window restore fail (moving between monitors)IDERSP-24595
Several Issues when attempting to import WSDL files.IDERSP-24531
Desktop switch happens even if desktops are equalIDERSP-24508
Class Completion Option Appears in "Explorer" Option PageIDERSP-24389
Project -> Add to Repository causes flickerIDERSP-24338
Manifest add support for High-DPI gdiScalingIDERSP-24175
RAD studio and Windows 10 do not work well together. Screen constantly flickers and refreshes causing IDE to lockup for 30-60 secIDERSP-24164
Resize IDE forms is really awfulIDERSP-24048
IDE doesn't correctly restore in full screen on a 4K monitorIDERSP-23859
IDE toolbars randomly repositionig itselfIDERSP-23832
Object inspector looses a changed property value when selecting an other componentIDERSP-23694
Mouse Wheel Scroll does not workIDERSP-23665
Cannot persist the IDE main window sizeIDERSP-23655
XCode returns e8000067 error when deploying to iOSIDERSP-23141
Project name not support dotIDERSP-23127
Search in objectgalerie problemIDERSP-22940
RIO resize of IDE sluggishIDERSP-21780
Mouse scrolling doesn't work in project optionsIDERSP-21700
The "Events" window ignores color settings when IDE theming is enabledIDERSP-21634
The component install screen cannot be scrolled with mouse when in projectIDERSB-2845
Mximizing and restoring IDE makes it bleed over monitorsIDERSB-2659
Right-click to show Project Manager options context menu is now very difficultIDERSB-2561
Cannot resolve unit name (in error insight in Structure View)IDERSP-21338
wrong selection on Structure windowIDERSB-2285
"New Items" dialog is flickering awfully when resizingIDERSB-1988
*.c source files, added to C++ project, got added to DeploymentManager file listIDERSP-18241
programming help not works, code insightIDERSP-17179
Code Insight breaks inside '_Z'IDERSP-16334
Code completion often stop work.IDERSP-16271
Delete Invalid Paths removes valid library pathsIDERSP-14689
Clicking on item in Structure pane selects the wrong itemIDERSP-12841
Tools Options (Environment Options) Library Options always default to Win64IDERSP-12415
Duplicate key CFBundleResourceSpecification in *.info.plistIDERSP-12407
IDE Monitor position keeps changingIDERSP-12283
Can't add icon for App Store in project optionsIDE, IDE\Build System, IDE\DeploymentRSP-23042
When using national characters in function names, after calling them, LSP Code Insight does not work correctly.IDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-30136
Index violation from code completionIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-29803
[DelphiLSP] Code insight missing objects when inside boolean expression and 1st part is boolean valueIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-29360
[DelphiLSP] Code Insight adds unneeded () when changing procedures/functionsIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-29271
LSP not showing parameter help/tooltip for interface methodsIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSB-4137
Space does not finish code completionIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSB-4063
CodeInsight in Uses Clause fails if you have already partially typed a unit name that is not at the beginningIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSB-3662
Code completion not working when "Use MsBuild externally to compile" are trueIDE, IDE\Code InsightRSP-20760
Structure/Error Insight error for a compilable project.IDE, IDE\Code InsightRSB-1878
WSDL generate bad codeIDE, SOAPRSP-18630
TGridPanel at inherited form design time errorIDE, VCLRSP-29314
Multiple VCLStyles are not applied at design timeIDE, VCLRSB-4129
Installer error (Indy packages installed twice)InstallRSB-4326
Change of machine name causes subsequent problems with Licence ManagerInstallRSP-30067
Access Violation when opening License ManagerInstallRSP-29172
Using GetItCmd to attempt installing a style uninstalled all Additional ComponentsInstallRSB-4203
SDK and NDK license dialog behind install window.InstallRSB-1589
The TVirtualImageList component is missing vcl.virtualimagelist.obj fileLinkerRSP-29532
TXMLDocument behaves differently between vendorsRTLRSP-11760
The 'chdir' Windows crtl function is deprecated in favor of _chdirRTL, RTL\C++RSP-27989
Crash on exit after using ostringstream in DLLRTL, RTL\C++RSP-27830
Implement TLightweightMREW as (managed) recordRTL, RTL\DelphiRSB-4259
Supports method causes a crash when called from a property using implements keywordRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-30020
Deserialize Enums with TJsonSerializer ?Invalid class typecast? issueRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-29881
TStrings with custom LineBreak is slowRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-29731
Bug in 10.4 JSON parser: not passing field names to ClientDataSetRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-29655
Weak references causes crash in 3rd party memory managersRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-29562
TJSONObject.ToJSON outputs unicode as ascii and not (JSON) escapesRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-29121
Indy OpenSSL IO HandlerRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-29074
Just adding System.Net.HttpClient crashes Linux applicationRTL, RTL\DelphiRSB-4135
TThreadedQueue and TMonitor issue, possible solutionRTL, RTL\DelphiRSB-4115
InterlockedCompareExchange128 doesn't restore RBXRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-28272
TThreadedQueue.PopItem fails under stressRTL, RTL\DelphiRSB-3951
Threading - Incorrect calculation of IdleWorkerThreadCountRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-28200
missing inet_ntop: required for minimal IPv6 address supportRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-28027
TRttiContext.DropContext is not Threadsafe. This leads to bugs in mutithreaded applications like [, RTL\DelphiRSP-27771
System.Math.Power 64 bits reInvalidOpRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-27043
Always occurs due to a memory or problem overflow in this fileRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-24394
TParallel produces EAggregateException with "nil" membersRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-24359
Access Violation with T*DynArray types in some code combinationsRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-24207
Bug in xmlDoc.FormatXMLDataRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-23649
TXMLDocument does not suppot UTF-16 on iOSRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-23607
IDE Bug after Ctrl+Shift+SpaceRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-23490
TThreadedQueue unusable with large threads amount - memory corruptionRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-23333
TThreadedQueue times-out incorrectly during PushItem and PopItemRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-21405
XML - unable to load xml with encoding=Windows-1250 using OmniXMLRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-20570
TThreadedQueue: should wait INFINITE but doesn't do itRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-19993
XMLDocument using ADOM for Vendor does not produce XML Version informationRTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-16311
DirectoryExists returns true in case of logon failure(error code 1326: ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE)RTL, RTL\DelphiRSP-11246
Vcl.Direct2dCanvas functions not working -> Access ViolationsRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Header Translations, VCLRSP-15639
Several types in System.Generics.Collections broken for dynamic array typesRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\List/CollectionsRSP-30280
SOAP cookie with Expires=Fri, 31-dec-9999 23:59 causes EConvertError - Invalid argument to date encodeRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\NetRSP-30282
TSocket.Accept() fails on POSIX OS when using timeout valueRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\NetRSP-19708
Android support completely broken (on Devices running Android 6/7)RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\OtherRSB-4345
AV when opening a notification on iOSRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\OtherRSP-30335
(Linux) TConditionVariableMutex.WaitFor(Mutex, Timeout) fails with an Access ViolationRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\ThreadsRSP-28054
TParallel.For broken in 10.3 (maybe only 10.3.1)RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\ThreadsRSP-23837
TThreadPool.ShouldGrowPoolRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\ThreadsRSP-20528
Parallel ITasks do not start as expectedRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\ThreadsRSP-16932
TThread.waitfor error under android when called twiceRTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\ThreadsRSP-16356
Soap.SOAPHTTPTrans.TClientCert.SerialNum weird valueRTL, RTL\Delphi, SOAPRSP-27200
IXMLNode write attribute for type double use locale formatsetting instead of invariantRTL\DelphiRSP-29577
TIPAddress not worked in windowsRTL\Delphi\NetRSP-28227
HttpValidateServerCertificate give different data under iOS/Android/WindowsRTL\Delphi\NetRSP-27220
TNetHttpClient should use proxies on macOSRTL\Delphi\NetRSP-26426
TNetHTTPClient proxy settings works under Windows but not under MacOSRTL\Delphi\NetRSP-19621
SOAP request - redirect not workingRTL\Delphi\Net, SOAPRSP-30378
SOAP THttprio.HTTPWebNode -> Soap.SOAPHTTPTRANS.THTTPReqResp.InvokeOptions - [soIgnoreInvalidCerts] is now just an ON/OFF switch and never checks anythingSOAPRSP-29747
Import WSDL generates not compileable unit for certain URLSOAPRSP-24395
"Import WSDL" generates invalid code without explanation of problemSOAPRSB-1718
WSDL Importer has problems with <xs:choice> tags in berlinSOAPRSP-16448
Error in WSDL importer or in TOPToSoapDomConvert converterSOAPRSP-15767
French translation error on Tools / Options / ... / Source Options" => audit codeTranslationRSP-29389
TMainMenu drop-down and TPopupMenu not styledVCLRSP-30395
Bad cell size calculation in gridpanel componentVCLRSP-30370
Please can Windows Server 2019 be added to the supported target platform listVCLRSP-30339
Malfunction calling menuitem via HotkeyVCLRSP-30256
Mixed DPI anchoring fault for child controls of PageControl, GroupBox, PanelVCLRSP-30144
Regression: TMenu.IsShortCut behavior is incorrect for menus that become disabled when triggeredVCLRSP-29897
10.4 TStringGrid.RowHeights[x] := 0; does not hide rows as in 10.3VCLRSP-29867
A/V with TImage and large JPGsVCLRSP-29780
Win64: Styled Form not correct initializedVCLRSP-29779
Vcl.Forms, TFormStyleHook.PaintNC, LStyle can be used before is is setVCLRSP-29751
TGridPanel and EquallySplitPercentuals not 100%VCLRSP-29743
Caption disappears in C++ VCL TitleBar test appVCLRSP-29728
Automatic code completion based on the Language Server Protocol stops working after adding a DevExpress control to a formVCLRSP-29674
VCL Grids bugVCLRSP-29628
[REGRESSION] Misalignment in TStringGrid, StretchDraw method in OnDrawCellVCLRSP-29560
StringGrid does not display its data when selecting RightToLeft value for BiDiMode propertyVCLRSP-29540
CustomTitleBar Height HighDPI scaling all wrong after maximizingVCLRSP-29524
Baddly cell size calculationVCLRSP-29469
bug in Vcl.forms: procedure DefocusControl, use of nil objectVCLRSP-29465
Delphi 10.4 TStringGrid.OnDrawCell bugVCLRSP-29402
Konopka KSVC not available in GetItVCLRSP-29400
Wrong rect coors in TStringGridDrawCell, so image are drawed at wrong positionVCLRSP-29374
StackOverflow when using per-Control StylesVCLRSP-29351
Crash error produced when in second form change the custom styleVCLRSP-29288
Wrong text positioning for TButton with custom styleVCLRSP-29287
Error accessing the Code Editor of the SQL property of the TADOQuery componentVCLRSP-29213
New VCL Styles do not respect ImageMargins of TButton with imageVCLRSP-28333
[Regression] TStringGrid.OnDrawCell parameter Rect contains wrong valuesVCLRSB-4146
TCalendarPicker is placed incorrectly and can become invisible and unusable on multi-monitor setupsVCLRSP-28269
CustomTitleBar displays wrong caption with TSpeedButtonVCLRSB-3984
TCustomizeDlg not fully VCL styledVCLRSB-3901
Error in Showing Form from DLLVCLRSB-3770
OnCanResize function is getting called before form showVCLRSP-28175
AquaGraphite.vsf VCL Style has a remnant check mark in background of several controlsVCLRSP-28164
New VCL-Multistyles cover not all controls (e.g. TListbox)VCLRSB-3723
Border color on some DB controls do not match other controlsVCLRSP-27920
TWICImage initializationVCLRSP-27825
wrong result's TWinControl.ControlAtPos(...AllowWinControls=true, AllLevels = true) functionVCLRSP-27473
Problemwith *.BPLVCLRSP-27299
InputQuery scaling and styling issuesVCLRSP-27077
Incorrect scaling when using Windows ZoomVCLRSP-26552
Top level menu item captions are too wide when MainMenu is OwnerDrawVCLRSP-26492
InfoTip disappears too early in TListViewVCLRSP-26441
XML UTF8 encoding Cyrillic characters problemVCLRSP-26376
TSpeedButton touch brings up popup menuVCLRSP-26063
'Vcl.Themes.TCustomStyleServices.DrawText' link errorVCLRSP-25626
A single line linkgrid with the InplaceEditor displayed does not scroll correctlyVCLRSP-25558
Rectified "Turquoise Gray" styleVCLRSP-24533
TGridPanel crashes IDEVCLRSP-21245
Changing style disables modal state in formVCLRSP-20443
Wrong wordwrap in VCL TLabelVCLRSP-20352
CloseQuery cause AVVCLRSP-20250
Ownerdraw TComboBox paints solid instead of dotted focus rectangleVCLRSP-18331
TPageControl.SetTabIndex activates wrong page when some tabs are hiddenVCLRSP-17662
TGridPanel cause excetipn when use in TPageControlVCLRSP-12719
TPanel on TSplitView does not get StyledVCL, VCL\Styles/ThemesRSP-27574
Menu Drawing Bug with VCL Styles enabled - Still existsVCL, VCL\Styles/ThemesRSP-26656
TUpDown.OnChangingEx: NewValue seems to be wrongVCL, VCL\Win32RSP-14117