Navigator and Bookmarks Plugins for Delphi 11 and RAD Studio 11 available!

Navigator and Bookmarks Plugins finally got released for Delphi 11 and RAD Studio 11.

Normally these 3 Plugins (including the Multithreaded Debugger) get released as soon as a new Delphi version becomes available.
Some internal Problems prevented Embarcadero and Parnassus from their usual release cycle and delayed it.

For people that got used to these nice Plugins, this is really bad as they make the standard fuctionality of the IDE so much better, that it slows you down when you don’t have access to these Plugins.

Now 2 of 3 finally got released on GetIT and there are news about the third and final one (the Debugger) that should become available in the next few days.

The plugins are usable on Delphi 11.1, and RAD Studio 11.1 aswell.