Rufus v4.4.2103 released

Rufus v4.4.2103 got released.

Rufus is a really nice app that is made for writing operating systems like Windows ISO’s and Linux on to USB Sticks or SDCards.
It is packed with features and extremely fast.

Here is the changelog:

  • Add workaround for distros that use broken symbolic links as their UEFI bootloaders (such as Mint 21.3)
  • Add support for GRUB 2.12
  • Fix a crash when saving .ffu images
  • Fix UEFI:NTFS partition not being added, in MBR mode, for some Linux ISOs
  • Prevent Microsoft Dev Drives from being listed [#2395]
  • Improve support for SDXC card readers
  • Improve Large FAT32 formatting by aligning start of data regions to 1 MB (courtesy of Fred) [#2387]

Download here:
Portable Edition