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Install Windows or Linux from a USB stick or a SD Card.

Todays computers are in a transition away from CD drives. More and more Laptops and Desktop PCs don’t have a CD drive added anymore.
CDs are slow, have too little capacity and too fragile.

What if you could simply transfer your ISO to a different decive?
USB sticks, SD Cards and other more modern data devices are perfect for this and got really cheap these days.
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Internet Explorer crash on personal tracking list editing

One day my Internet Explorer 11 began to block things it shouldn’t and not block things it should.
When i wanted to check the blocking lists (remember, Internet Explorer has blocking lists capable of blocking ads and malware and tracking), Internet Explorer instantly crashed.
I reopened the Browser and tried the same… Crash… again and again.
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How to make my PDF smaller for email.

Even in todays world, where email lost much of its former importance, it still is used for many things.

But what if you’re trying to send some PDF documents and letters and they get rejected, take forever to send or get stuck in the receivers mailbox just because it is so massively oversized?

Here are some scenarios that showcase some important problems people face on a daily base and how to get it done anyway:
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Using google dns servers to speed up surfing and stop censorship

DNS is the first step that is done before you’re able to open a webpage. The system asks the DNS server (a machine with a name directory simmiliar to a phone book) for the IP adress (like a network phone number) so your PC knows where to look for the page.

Often these DNS servers are slow, have old data or are even used to censor the internet.

I’ve found the free google DNS servers to be faster than the standard ones and they also don’t censor and are always up to date.
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