Install Windows or Linux from a USB stick or a SD Card.

Todays computers are in a transition away from CD drives. More and more Laptops and Desktop PCs don’t have a CD drive added anymore.
CDs are slow, have too little capacity and too fragile.

What if you could simply transfer your ISO to a different decive?
USB sticks, SD Cards and other more modern data devices are perfect for this and got really cheap these days.

Rufus is a nice and really fast tool to write your ISO files of Windows 10, Linux, WinPE or your LiveCD to a USB Stick or a Memory Card / SD Card / Micro SD Card.

It is also really powerful for professionals but stil leasy for beginners.
Give it a try and if you’re interrested in how it works, Rufus is even opensource on GitHub with accessible sourcecode or the ability to help them develop the app. For more information, visit their page or click the download link below:

Download Rufus

Rufus Screenshot