Send suspicious files to Google’s online virusscanner VirusTotal.

A few years ago, Google aquired the leading security scanning page VirusTotal, which enables you to scan files against more than 53 well known virus scanners and malware scanners.

Until now, you had to navigate to their page and upload one file, wait till scanning finished and then upload a different one.

Here comes VirusTotal Uploader:
This desktop application made by Google, enables you to send potential virus infested downloads or processes for checking to VirusTotal.
Just a few mouse clicks and your on the secure side and can calmly install the download, which made you nervous before.

Send it via “Send To” menu:

VirusTotal Uploader
Or select the file(s) from the Appwindow:

VirusTotal Uploader
And even upload suspicious running processes:

VirusTotal Uploader
Download this handy utility:  VirusTotal Uploader