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How to lower your phone battery drain if you’re only using WIFI

If you’re not using your cellular on your android tablet/phone but instead use it only offline or as a WIFI device, the phone is still wasting battery on the phone modem.

With no sim card inserted, the phone is constantly looking for a emergency connection and is wasting battery.

To fix this, you could use your terminal emulator and enter this: (Root required) Continue reading

Android disable USB Device Port

A friends USB port of his phone broke and he got real high battery drain on his sasung galaxy s3.
A quick view revealed the culprid… The USB driver constantly checked the broken usb port.

After we disabled the port, the batteryusage went down.

Use this command in a android terminal emulator of your choice. You also need Root privileges: Continue reading

How to view memory usage on linux?

On linux you can use different tools like the top command to view the memory usage of all processes.

This topĀ command has different options bound to the keyboard.
Here are some:

To change the sort to Memory, you can press shift M
to change the process scaling you can press small “e
to hange for the global view you can press shifte