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How to access the UWP Explorer on Windows 10

Windows 10 is a work in progress and Microsoft updates every bit of it and adds new features.
Sometimes some new features are hidden and you need some special tricks to access them.

One of these hidden features is the addition of the UWP File Explorer.

To access the new UWP Explorer on Windows 10 you can right click on your desktop, choose “New” and then create a shortcut and as its target, enter this:
explorer shell:AppsFolder\c5e2524a-ea46-4f67-841f-6a9465d9d515_cw5n1h2txyewy!App

Now you have an easy way of accessing the new UWP File Explorer, that is normally only accessible on Windows Mobile 10.

RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo April 2017 Hotfix

Embarcadero released a small hotfix for RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo that fixes some issues.
The most promonent issue it fixes is the inability to compile x64 code.
It also fixes these problems:
Debugger issues for Linux, Android and iOS.
Win64 x64 compiler hangs.
C++ RTL crash on exit.
Security issue on C++ RTL.

They also told us that they are working on a Android compability patch to resolve text input, control rendering and performance.

Here is the article:
Embarcadero Article
And here the downloadpage: