Monthly Archives: April 2017

When Plesk mailserver is down or having lots of problems

As i tried to send an important mail and didn’t change anything on my mailsettings on plesk, i was getting nervous.
The only thing i did was an update to plesk, which worked without any error messages.

But when i tried to send a mail, it just handed me generic error messages.
My mail was dead… smtp not working at all. I wasn’t able to send anything anymore.

Here is the SSH command that saved my day and restored all to normal:
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Remove old updater files

As todays devices often got small SSD drives, it is more important than ever to free up unused space to extend the live of your SSD drive and also to make room for other goodies.
Windows stores old update files and previous versions of windows in case you want to revert to the old version and uninstall it.
But after many months there is certainly no need on all devices to be able to go back to old Windows editions…
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