Monthly Archives: July 2016

DNS not starting on Plesk debian server

After a Plesk Debian server reboot, and a manual DNS start trial (DNS wasn’t starting automatically),
Plesk wasn’t able to start the DNS server because of a locking error.

/opt/psa/admin/bin/dnsmng ‘–status’ failed with message: dnsmng: Unable to open file “/var/lock/files/23d9c96d428d491d87bd37baeae57baf”: No such file or directory.
System error 2: No such file or directory
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How i recover my deleted photos from my digicam or phone

Here are a few informations and FAQ’s about picture recovery software and how to get them for free or pay for good quality.

It might already happen to you.
You accidentally deleted your pictures from your pc or your digital camera / digicam / iPhone or formated your harddisk and you are desperately searching for a solution.

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