Monthly Archives: May 2014

Extend Windows XP Update for 5 years

With this small registry file you’re able to extend your Windows XP upgrade time to get updates till the year 2019.

This tricks Microsoft into thinking that you run a corporate XP that is intended for banking systems and
payment terminals, which get extended support and updates for another 5 years!

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Edit MSI Installers

Why do some applications and games insist on a predefined Windows version?
As time passes and no current games are worth to be played, i resort to playing some of my old games that
i loved for their good gameplay and not for their high end graphics, which current games seem to rely on.

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Creation of Windows Restorepoints made easy

Restorepoints saved my life on many occasions.
I installed a new driver, changed something in Windows and boom, Bluescreen and often Windows will not work correctly after a restart.
Thanks to Restorepoints, i was able to quickly restore my system to a previous, working state.

The problem is… the option to create these Restorepoints are burried deep inside the Control Panel and that is bad,
as you should do them really often.

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Windows Installer Fix

This tool was built to fix unsolvable windows installer errors.

Fixes most of the Windows Installer errors and even the ones introduced by Microsoft Office 2010.

It solves errors of Windows Installer in x64 / x32 (64 bit / 32 bit) mode.
Privilege errors (caused by broken registry privilege settings).
Corrupted Service errors (caused by bad registry service values) and so on…
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Uninstall Office 2013 or Office 365

If your Office 2013 and Office 365 breaks or starts to behave strangely,
the best way to fix it is normally uninstalling and reinstalling the whole

But every now and then, an app is messing around, not only with Office, but also
with the install/uninstall process.
If this ever happens, you could find yourself in a situation, where you neither
can uninstall, nor install Microsoft Office.
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Send suspicious files to Google’s online virusscanner VirusTotal.

A few years ago, Google aquired the leading security scanning page VirusTotal, which enables you to scan files against more than 53 well known virus scanners and malware scanners.

Until now, you had to navigate to their page and upload one file, wait till scanning finished and then upload a different one.
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Optimize your Windows

The system is constantly getting slower, Apps starting to need longer and longer to startup or perform their normal tasks.

We all asked ourselves what to do in this case… simply accept it and wait? Buy a new, faster Computer? No way!

Here is where App Optimizer, a free tool from aliensign Software becomes helpful.
This teeny utility scans the system for app-, driver- and system-databases, analyzes them and if needed, securely optimizes them for speed.
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